Why Canary Mail is the best email client for Mac

Best email client for mac must have encryption, Productivity features, Natural search, Minimal server footprint, Universal IMAP support

Why Canary Mail is the best email client for Mac

Let’s face it – you’re reading this because you aren’t happy with your current mac mail client. And that’s understandable – traditional clients like Apple Mail and Thunderbird don’t offer the productivity-enhancing features you want and need to help you get on top of email, and offer a plain and un-exciting design. Spending several hours a day looking at them just isn’t easy!

In contrast, Mailbox, during its brief existence, really got the design and user experience right, but had a fatal flaw – it used an intermediate server between their desktop client app and your email provider, on which it stored gigabytes of data – entire emails, attachments, etc – for each user. This not only created a security risk, it also made their business model unviable, given high server costs and lack of recurring revenue.

Modern email client for Mac such as Airmail, Spark, and Polymail attempt to strike a balance between features, user privacy, and cost – but they lack one critical piece of the puzzle that’s an absolute necessity in 2018 – email encryption.

And this is the reason we decided to build Canary. In our view, the best email client for Mac should have:

  • Seamless encryption, similar to how WhatsApp does it for chat
  • Productivity-enhancing features such as read-tracking, snooze, follow-up reminders, smart bulk mail handling, and smart inbox filters
  • Natural language search which works on emails, attachments, and contacts
  • Minimal server footprint, with zero personal data storage on 3rd party servers
  • Universal IMAP support, including Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, iCloud, FastMail, etc
  • A beautiful design and user experience that makes dealing with today’s email volumes as effortless as possible

After a year-long beta period where tens of thousands of testers shared ideas on how to make Canary the best mail client for Mac, we’re very proud of what we’ve achieved and continue to work hard on improving our email client for Mac even further.

We invite you to try Canary today and if you think you’ve found the best mail app for your Mac, we’d love to hear from you: @CanaryMailApp

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