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Encryption on demand

With Canary's one-click encryption, you can effortlessly enhance your email security. The email is encrypted on your device and decrypted on your recipient's device. It will be unreadable on your provider's web interface, or by anyone else on any other app!


Automate the key exchange to focus on crunching emails, without worrying about security.


Advanced PGP users can manage their own keys and exchange encrypted emails with anyone.

Focus on what's important

With natural language search, smart filters, algorithmic bulk cleaner, and intelligent typography enhancements, Canary helps you easily find and act on what's important, and get rid of what's not!

Focused Inbox

Canary learns which emails are important to you and highlights them for easy access. Intelligent typography enhancements ensure optimum readability.

Natural Language Search

Search for photos from dad, receipts this month, or unread newsletters. Canary understands what you're looking for and finds it first time, everytime.

Smart Filters

Quickly isolate unread emails, or emails with attachments. Check if you've missed replying via the unanswered filter. Gmail users can also access their Inbox tabs / categories!

Bulk Cleaner

Canary's adaptive algorithms learn which emails are likely to be unimportant. Tap on the magic wand and scroll to automatically find, select, and then delete unwanted emails.

Powerful features

Don't pay a monthly fee for features you want and need. With Canary, you always have full access!

Read Notifications

Get notified when your emails are read.


Deal with emails at your convenience.

Email Templates

Avoid repetition. Save and re-use frequently sent emails.

One-Click Unsubscribe

No need to look for pesky unsubscribe links.


Seamless integrations

Email plays a central role when it comes to files, events, and tasks.
So we made sure Canary plays nice with your favorite apps!

Google Drive



Keybase & MIT

Use your favorite email provider

Get all of Canary's powerful features and cutting-edge encryption technology with your existing email account(s). Just add your account(s) and go!



Office 365



Download Now

Welcome to secure, effortless, email.

Frequently asked questions

Got questions? We've got answers!

How does Canary's encryption work?

Canary's encryption technology is built on top of PGP. Key exchange is handled automatically and you can easily send encrypted emails to anyone who uses Canary. Emails are encrypted on your device and decrypted on your recipient's device. Encrypted emails will not be readable via any other apps or your provider's web interface.

Can I use my own PGP keys?

Absolutely. Advanced PGP users can enable manual mode to use and manage their existing keys generated via GPGTools, Symantec Desktop etc, via the built-in key manager. Key search is tied into MIT and Keybase keyservers. Keys can be transferred easily to Canary for iOS via iTunes. Private keys are stored securely in an encrypted database on your device.

Can I use my own email account with Canary?

Yep! Canary supports Gmail, iCloud, Office365, and most popular IMAP providers. There is no signup or migration required to begin using Canary.

Is Canary right for me if I don't need encryption?

Yes, encryption can be disabled entirely, or per email, with a single click. You can still use all of Canary's other powerful features & functionality.

Is Canary GDPR compliant?

Yes, Canary takes user privacy very seriously and is GDPR compliant. You can find details about our data and security practices in our Privacy Policy.

Does Canary adhere to Google's Limited Use Requirements?

Yes, Canary’s use of information received from Gmail APIs adheres to Google's Limited Use Requirements.

Is Canary open source?

Canary uses the open source ObjectivePGP library for implementing encryption.

Is Canary funded?

Yes, Canary is backed by the organization of a Fortune 500 company founder.

Is Canary free?

No, both Canary for macOS & iOS are priced at $20 USD each. Both must be purchased separately. Prices may vary by country.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, both Canary for macOS & iOS come with a 30 day free trial. If you have questions about Canary, please ask here.

I need help, how do I reach you?

You can reach us via our help center.

What's the best way to learn about what's new?

Follow us on Twitter: @CanaryMailApp.