The Best Email tools for iOS and MAC, Which Email Client is Best for You?

A list of multiple email clients for iOS and Mac with and without AI that can be used for work

The Best Email tools for iOS and MAC, Which Email Client is Best for You?

No matter what profession or study you’re in, Emails are something virtually everyone has to deal with at some point and can get annoying pretty fast. What makes the entire process much worse, however, is the same old tedious email applications that we’ve all become accustomed to as the standard. Even with the newest updates, these email clients make you feel like you’re not getting the most out of your email experience.

Whether it’s Apple’s offerings or third-party apps such as Gmail or Outlook for iOS and Mac, you just feel like there is a significant lack of features that would make your life so much easier. The email apps you’re using feel like they are hindering your productivity with their monotonous and disorganized inboxes leaving you unsatisfied. But is this the only option out there?

You may have heard from a coworker or two that they’ve recently tried new Email clients that have done wonders for them and are now looking to try it out yourself. Or perhaps you’re just curious about what else is out there but don’t know where to start looking. With so many security risks, you can’t blindly trust anyone with your private and professional emails. It can be daunting to be in this position but don’t worry; we’re here to help.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best and most innovative email tools and clients out there for iOS and Mac for you to try and adopt. These automated email tools are sure to be precisely what you’re looking for, so without further adieu, let’s dive on in


The winner of an Apple Design Award for Email, Airmail is one of the top email clients in the world. Purposefully built for iOS and Mac, this email client has Custom actions, extensive customizations, and deep integration with many other apple apps and services to make the most out of your apple device. Whether you use it on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or even your Apple watch, Airmail offers the best experience possible.

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This specific Email client stands out from the rest because of its deep integration with your apple device as it is custom-built for iOS and Mac only. Airmail is able to take some of your favorite apple device features and combine them with your inbox. Dark mode, Touch and Face ID security, interactive notifications, touch bar support, split screen support, drag and drop, pencil sketcher, a wide range of widgets, and so much more is offered at your disposal. Siri notifications and iCloud sync are just a few additional features that form the cream on the top.

While Airmail offers a free version across all devices, the beefier Airmail Pro comes with a monthly and yearly price tag with a free trial.

Spark Mail

Spark Mail is another excellent Email client that aims to assist you in building better email habits and nurturing greater control over your workflow by helping you focus, prioritize and organize your inbox. It is one of the most sought-after email clients due to its plethora of intelligent features.

Its smart inbox allows you more control than ever before over your emails and can identify priority and non-priority emails so that you never miss important emails again. You can prioritize who you’d like to hear from by identifying them as a priority sender. Effortlessly mute, pin, block, or group emails with the push of a button.

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Spark allows you to control and organize your workflow like never before. You can schedule emails to send later or snooze emails in your inbox to show up again later. You may want to set aside an email for a more convenient time and are worried you will forget about it. Rest assured, you can easily set them aside and schedule reminders never to forget.

Spark offers this and more in a free version alongside a paid premium version with more features. The premium version is billed annually.

Canary Mail

Canary Mail is an innovative state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence powered smart Email client backed by sequoia and trusted by over 500,000 users worldwide. Its AI-powered capabilities allow it to do way more, way faster than its competition and even human assistants. Trust us when we say it’s decked out with features that make your life a breeze.

Touted as the smartest email app in the world, Canary Mail’s AI Copilot feature can write all your emails for you when given brief instructions telling it what you’re looking for. Just let the AI know the email’s purpose and what kind of tone you’d like to go for, and it will write an email in your writing style that it adopts via machine learning from your past emails. It works like magic, and no one will ever discover that you didn’t write them.

Canary Mail’s conversational AI assistant is another AI highlight. Instead of searching through your inbox to find what price someone quoted you or perhaps what time you agreed on dinner with a client, simply ask the AI assistant directly and it will sift through your emails for you and find the answer within seconds.

The AI isn’t just restricted to these assistants either, instead playing a part throughout Canary’s feature catalog. Its smart prioritization ensures you never miss an important email again by always bringing them to the top. The Read Receipts, snooze, pin, and 1-Click Unsubscribe simplify handling your emails. This and much more make Canary Mail an excellent choice as your next email app.

Canary Mail comes with a free version and a paid pro version priced affordably per year.


In conclusion, your next email client choice depends on what you’re looking for. If you want something specially made for and supporting iOS and Mac features, then Airmail would be the best choice. If you’re looking for high customization and inbox control, then Spark is the one for you. Finally, if you’re looking for cutting-edge technology stacked with features and affordably priced, then look no further than Canary Mail. Whatever you choose, we’re sure you’ll return to thank us.


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