Best Email App for iOS: Canary Mail Features & Benefits

Explore why Canary Mail stands out as the top email app for iPhone & iPad. Dive into its unique features, AI capabilities & security.

Best Email App for iOS: Canary Mail Features & Benefits

Email on iPhone is tricky – there’s a large amount of data to be parsed within a set of strict constraints – screen size, battery & bandwidth use, and variable connectivity. With Canary, we faced the additional challenge of translating the amazing design, performance and feature set of our Mac client to our iOS mail app. 

Criteria for the Best iOS Email App

As we’ve described in our rationale for developing the best Mac mail app, in our view, the best email app for iPhone & iPad should also have:

  • Seamless email encryption, similar to how WhatsApp does it for chat
  • Productivity-enhancing features such as AI writer, read-tracking, snooze, follow-up reminders, smart bulk mail handling, and smart inbox filters, optimized for iOS
  • Natural language search which works on emails, attachments, and contacts
  • Minimal server footprint, with the option to store zero personal data on 3rd party servers
  • Universal IMAP support, including Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, iCloud, FastMail, etc
  • A beautiful design and user experience that makes dealing with today’s email volumes as effortless as possible, especially on the iPhone, but also optimized for iPad

Push Notification Challenges

Additionally, there’s also the challenge of delivering push notifications securely, which all apps including Outlook, Spark, Airmail, Edison Mail, Newton Mail, etc must deal with – we’ve described this in detail here. So like Apple Mail, we decided to give users the option to switch to Fetch – where email is fetched from and stored directly on the device, with a small delay in new notifications.

Leveraging AI in Canary Mail

Finally, we wanted to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance certain functionality and make our iPhone mail app even more effortless to use. While apps like Trove and Astro also offer some of these features, what’s special about Canary is that the AI is built into the app – we don’t send user data over the internet to be parsed on remote servers. This enhances security, performance, and reduces bandwidth and battery use.

Canary Mail’s Unique Offering

With Canary Mail for iOS, we believe we’ve achieved something unprecedented – cutting-edge PGP security in an app that’s beautifully designed and feature-rich. We truly think this is the best email app for iPhone & iPad on the market today, and continue to work hard to improve it even further. We are proud to claim that Canary is not only the best email app for iPhone and iPad today but also compliant with HIPAA standards, ensuring the highest level of security.

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AI Email Writing in Canary Mail for iPhone

Canary Mail for iPhone and iPad includes several productivity-enhancing features, including an AI email writer, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to help users compose better emails.

How the AI Email Writer Works

The AI Writer analyzes the content and context of the email and provides suggestions for language that is more concise, polite, and grammatically correct.

The AI email writer can also suggest changes to the formatting of the email, such as adjusting the font size and style or adding bullet points to improve readability. Additionally, it can detect when a user is asking a question in an email and suggest appropriate follow-up questions or responses.

Privacy and Security with AI Integration

The AI email writer is built into the app, which means that user data is not sent over the internet to be parsed on remote servers. This enhances security, performance, and reduces bandwidth and battery use.

The Impact of AI on Email Communication

The feature is designed to help users communicate more clearly and professionally, reducing the risk of miscommunication or misunderstandings in email conversations.

Conclusion: The Value of Canary Mail’s AI Email Writer

Overall, Canary Mail’s AI email writer can help users save time and write more effective emails on their iPhone or iPad. The feature is just one of the many productivity-enhancing tools built into Canary Mail, which is designed to make dealing with today’s email volumes as effortless as possible while maintaining a high level of security and privacy.


Q: How does Canary Mail ensure email security?

A: Canary Mail offers end-to-end encryption, similar to chat apps like WhatsApp. This ensures that only the sender and the recipient can read the email content.

Q: What makes the AI writer feature unique in Canary Mail?

A: The AI writer not only checks for grammatical errors but also suggests language improvements, making your emails more professional and effective.

Q: Is Canary Mail compatible with all email providers?

A: Yes, Canary Mail offers universal IMAP support, making it compatible with popular email services like Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, and more.

Q: How does Canary Mail handle user data?

A: Canary Mail has a minimal server footprint, ensuring that very little user data is stored on third-party servers. Privacy is a top priority.

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