How to Utilize Canary Mail to Improve and Organize Workflow

A dive into some features of Canary Mail, a smart email manager app and how they can help you to organize your workflow

How to Utilize Canary Mail to Improve and Organize Workflow

As the world around us continues to get fast-paced by the second, it is important that you keep up and not get left behind. May it be that dream job you finally got or your own small business that took a massive leap of faith to start, you understand that to be successful, you must ensure that you always keep up with your competition. That means putting in long hours but, more importantly, working more efficiently.

However, perhaps you’re finding it tough to get the most out of your time. Some days you can get a good chunk of work done, but on most, it feels like you’re going at a slow pace no matter how hard you work. The reason behind this is most likely a disorganized workflow which hinders your productivity. But how do you improve on that?

Not everyone has assistants at their disposal to optimize their day-to-day work and handle tasks that take way too long, such as correspondence with clients and associates. So what do you do?

Luckily, we live in an era of technological advancements that make our lives much easier. One of those miracle advancements, which might be precisely what you’re looking for, is Canary Mail.

What Is Canary Mail?

Canary Mail is a smart Email manager app from the future backed by Sequoia and trusted by more than 500,000 users worldwide. What sets it apart from other Email manager apps on the market is that it is powered by Artificial Intelligence that learns from your behavior and adapts over time to help you get the most out of your email experience with the least effort needed.

Canary Mail is stacked with innovative and best-in-line features that will transform your workflow experience from top to bottom, with new users calling it “life-changing.” If you’re still skeptical about how an app can reshape and organize your workflow for the better, look no further! We’re here to walk you through some of Canary Mails’ top features and inform you how they can help YOU optimize your workflow. So without any further due, let’s dive in.

AI Email Writing Copilot

One of the most innovative and stand-out features that Canary Mail has is its Artificial intelligence email writing Copilot. This Copilot isn’t just a mere text editor and error checker but rather an entire assistant itself. Essentially, this AI copilot can write all your emails for you in your own writing style!

All you have to do is give it a small prompt such as “inquire from Mark about the new orders” and perhaps some guidelines on the tone, such as if it should be positive or negative. The AI Copilot will then write and send an email on your behalf doing exactly this. It’s as simple as that! Furthermore, the AI uses your past emails and learns how you write to imitate you more accurately so no one can tell you did not write it.

I cannot overstate how much of a cheat code this feels like for optimizing your workflow. You no longer have to waste time daily finding the right words for every email and then typing them out with all the necessary formalities. Gone are the days of wasting energy on correspondence issues. Now you sit back and let the Canary Mail AI Copilot handle all the heavy lifting for you while you attend to more important tasks and get them done faster, more efficiently, and more often.

Conversational AI Assistant

Another prominent Artificial Intelligence feature of Canary Mail is its Conversational AI Assistant. What this AI assistant does is that you can ask it any question pertaining to your emails, such as “what time is dinner with Emma due today?” and it will sift through your emails for you and find you the answer.

It operates as an assistant that does all the painstaking searching for you through hundreds or thousands of emails and finds you the answer faster than any human could. You save a ton of your precious time that would’ve otherwise been wasted searching that you can now invest into more important matters.

Smart Prioritization

The canary mail Artificial Intelligence features aren’t just restricted to assistants; they also work behind the scenes to optimize your workflow. Canary Mail learns over time to smartly prioritize which emails or contacts you would prefer to see first. It then brings these emails to the forefront of your inbox, so you never miss important emails again.

How to use Canary Mail to improve workflow

Read Receipts

One of my favorite features on Canary Mail is the addition of read receipts to emails, similar to how they work on messaging apps such as iMessage and WhatsApp. Now you can be sure the email has been seen even if you have yet to receive a reply. You don’t have to waste any more time and energy resending emails or worry that they weren’t sent properly and can instead focus on the tasks at hand.

Pin emails

Canary Mail allows you to easily pin important emails to the top of your inbox to attend to later so that you don’t have to disturb your workflow, worrying you’ll forget about them later. It is as simple as pressing a button and helps you be more productive by organizing your inbox better.

1-Click Unsubscribe

Don’t you just hate getting spammed by multiple emails every week from some website that once required your email address? You want them to stop because they can be distracting, but you want to save the effort it would take to figure out how to unsubscribe. Well, Canary Mail has you covered with its user-loved 1-Click Unsubscribe button. Now press that button below the annoying email, and Canary Mail will handle the unsubscribing process behind the scenes so that you have fewer distractions and more time to focus.


In conclusion, everybody can benefit immensely from incorporating an email manager app like Canary Mail into their work. It will not only organize emails and help optimize your workflow but also just make your life so much easier. Trust us and try it; you’ll surely thank us later.

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