Thunderbird Alternatives: Our Top 4 Picks

Thunderbird Alternatives: Our Top 4 Picks

Thunderbird has been that effective and dependable email client with a loyal customer base over the years. But today, many of its users are looking for Thunderbird alternatives.

Phoebe Brown

Phoebe Brown | Dec 31, 2023 | 5 mins read

Emails have become an important part of our professional and personal lives. Given the increasing importance of email in our lives, having a dependable and effective email client is crucial.

Thunderbird has been that effective and dependable email client with a loyal customer base over the years. But today, many of its users are looking for Thunderbird alternatives. In this article, we will explore the four best Mozilla Thunderbird alternatives. However, before that, let us find out why even loyal Thunderbird users are looking to switch their email clients.

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Why Are Users Looking For Thunderbird Alternatives?

Thunderbird is a free, independent email client developed by Mozilla Foundation (formerly Mozilla Messaging. In July 2012, Mozilla Foundation decided to shift its focus from Thunderbird and transitioned to a community-driven model. Thunderbird was saved with support and contributions from the community, but technical and interface debt started to pile up.

Today there are many problems with Thunderbird, ranging from slow performance to trouble syncing emails and attachments, issues sending, receiving, and deleting emails, encryption issues, and an outdated interface.

Thunderbird still offers many great features, like having a unified inbox for multiple email accounts and a free calendar. But why should you have to put up with an outdated interface, email sending and receiving issues, and other bugs?

Over the years, many email clients, such as Canary Mail, have emerged, offering features that outperform Thunderbird’s and a very friendly interface.

Our Top 4 Thunderbird Alternatives

  1. Canary Mail
  2. Blue Mail
  3. Spark Mail
  4. Edison Mail

Without further ado, let us dive in and explore these alternatives one by one to help you make an informed decision on which email client best meets your needs.

1. Canary Mail

Power by Artificial intelligence, Canary Mail is an email client designed for MacOS, Android, iOS, and Windows devices. It offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface with advanced features such as read receipts, end-to-end encryption, Conversational AI assistant, and a smart inbox.

The app provides end-to-end encryption for email messages, ensuring the privacy and security of your conversations. It supports all major email providers, including Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.

Turn Your Inbox Into a Productivity Powerhouse

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Besides the features mentioned above, Canary Mail has to offer various other advanced features. If you need to ensure the security of your mail, stay productive, and keep your mailbox organized, Canary Mail is the email client you need.

Unlike the outdated interface of Thunderbird, Canary Mail has a very user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface and offers a high degree of customization, including filters for better organization and adjustable notifications.

2. Blue Mail

Blue Mail offers its users many state-of-the-art features and customization options, making it one of the most popular email clients. With Blue Mail, users can manage multiple email accounts in one place. It has a very user-friendly and visually appealing interface and also offers a dark theme.


  • Unified inbox to allow users to get their email from different accounts in one place
  • Clusters to dynamically organize your inbox
  • Instant push to save your valuable time
  • Later board—a task board for you to deal with emails later
  • Integrated calendar that is synced across all your devices

Besides the features discussed above, Blue Mail offers many other features like blocking tracking images, one-click unsubscribing, encryption, spam management, etc. But still, there are many limitations and issues like the mailbox not loading and delays in receiving emails, making users look for Blue Mail alternatives.

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3. Spark Mail

Spark Mail is another great alternative email client for Thunderbird. It helps you stay focused by prioritizing and organizing your inbox effectively. It sorts your emails into Personal, Notifications, and Newsletters, ensuring that you are focused on what is important and never miss an important mail.


  • Unified mailbox for multiple email accounts
  • Smart Inbox to organize your emails and prioritize important ones
  • Email templates to help you write well-structured emails fast
  • Built-in team collaboration tool allowing you to work in collaboration with your team members
  • Security and privacy to ensure the integrity of your data

Spark mail is a great Thunderbird alternative for users who are looking for a more organized and collaborative email experience. But before you switch, know that users complain about experiencing issues with Spark Mail, such as not being able to reach the server and send emails. And this is the reason that many of its users are looking for Spark Mail alternatives.

4. Edison Mail

Edison Mail allows users to conquer email inbox stressors with its state-of-art features, such as unifying all your email accounts in one place, preventing email overload, fast email fetching, and extensive customizations.


  • Unified email for all your accounts
  • Dark mode—the best option for low-light conditions
  • Option to customize up to 4 gestures
  • Prevent email tracking pixels by default
  • One-tap unsubscribe from junk
  • Pinned messages
  • Undo Send option to recall sent emails

Edison Mail is a very useful Thunderbird alternative. It is fast and friendly and has various other features in addition to the one discussed above. Still, many users are looking for its alternatives because they have privacy concerns and are not satisfied with the app’s data handling practices in the past.

This is mainly because on 15 May 2020, after a buggy software update of Edison Mail, users’ email accounts were exposed to complete strangers. Edison Mail’s team claims that issues were resolved within 30 hours of the first report, no account credentials were compromised, and only 6,480 accounts were potentially impacted.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Thunderbird has been a popular email client for a long time, but given the syncing and low-performance issues, many users are looking for alternatives. Many options are available in the market today, four of which are discussed above.

You can test different email clients and choose the one that best suits your needs. However, we recommend considering Canary Mail. It is highly affordable, organized, secure, and productive for personal as well as enterprise use.

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Phoebe Brown
Phoebe Brown

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