Top 10 AI Email Writing Tools for Your Business

Top 10 AI Email Writing Tools for Your Business All About AI for Email. Canary Mail, Line, Magic Sale,, Lavender, Lola, Jasper

Top 10 AI Email Writing Tools for Your Business

Did you know that the very first email was sent in 1965? Of course, email, as we know it today, wouldn’t begin until a few decades later. Today, emails are practically indispensable. 

They are especially important for email marketing, among other things. Of course, sending out a bunch of emails every day on your own is not practical, which is why AI for email exists. Using AI in email marketing is a great way to take the responsibility of emailing off your shoulders so you can focus on other important matters. 

The problem is that there are many smart email app options to choose from. What should you consider when choosing an AI email assistant? How can you choose the best mail app for your unique purposes? 

Keep reading and take a look at the top 10 smart inbox and email copilot options for you. 

1. Canary Mail

The great thing about Canary Mail is that it is full of different features that you can use to make sending emails easier than ever. If you have an email marketing strategy that you just can’t seem to keep up with, using this email writing tool is likely one of your best options. But what is so great about this email writing tool provider anyway?

The first thing you should know about it is that this tool will provide you with email receipts. This means that as soon as someone reads your emails, you will be notified about it. This is important to keep track of how effective your emails are and if people are even bothering to open your emails. 

Another feature that this tool has is that it makes writing email copy easier than ever with email templates. That way, you can reuse a few templates so you don’t have to start every email from scratch. As you can imagine, this can save you a lot of time so you can get straight to the point.

The Details 

This is not to mention that this tool also has other features such as email management, email encryption, email previews, and so on. The copilot feature will fish up your most important emails so that they’re the first thing you see in your inbox. It does this based on what emails you tend to read and who you reply to.

This tool also gives your inbox a chat-bot style UX. It includes set commands and only advances as time goes on so that it can even recognize NLP voice commands. Finally, it can write emails for you.

Using state-of-the-art language models, Canary mail can write positive or negative responses based on what you want the email to be.

2. Lyne

Lyne is an interesting ai writing tool because it specializes in being able to generate the first line of an email. You might be wondering what the point of having such a tool would be if it mainly deals with introductory lines. The problem that many people have is coming up with the first line of an email. 

If you have problems with this, then Lyne may be the perfect option for you. The great thing about this ai writing assistant is that it can generate dozens and even hundreds of introductory lines at once. That way, you can take your pick of the best ones and you can sort through these different lines for different emails

This would make your life quite a lot easier since you wouldn’t need to spend so long ruminating over how the email should start. You can also choose what kind of sentence you want the program to generate. Some generations may consist of one sentence while others may consist of several.

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3. Magic Sales Bot

Magic Sales Bot is very similar to Lyne due to the fact that they are both designed to come up with the first few lines of an email. However, Magic Sales Bot is unique because it also allows you to personalize those lines which makes them especially effective for cold emails. 

This software is able to generate its unique lines from the information and data it picks up from social media platforms as well as news stories. The information it is able to consolidate and add to its first few lines will ensure that your emails start in a very catching and interesting way. 

That way, people will be far more likely to read through them and not click away after reading the first few lines. 


If you want software that will do more than generate just a few lines in your emails, you might want to take a look at This option is unique because it allows you to use templates to help you come up with the copy in your email. Everyone knows that writing entire emails can get very exhausting after a while. 

More than that, it takes up a lot of time that you could be using to do other important things. You can save plenty of time by using the templates available in this ai writing tool. This tool also has templates for subject lines, so you can save even more time. 

5. Lavender

Lavender is not exactly an email writing tool in the same way as the other tools discussed previously. The main thing that this tool does is help you improve what you write in your emails. In a way, it is like Grammarly, but it also has some very advanced features

For example, it will give you tips regarding what you write so that you can ensure that your text is far more engaging and personalized. That way, your emails will be particularly effective for your email strategy. It also is quite affordable at only $19 per month. 

6. Snazzy

Snazzy is quite a flexible tool with a wide reach. It is known for being able to do all sorts of things such as providing many different types of templates and pitches. This is a particularly good tool for sales email marketing, especially sales outreach emails. 

It has plenty of templates for subject lines and email copy, so you won’t need to put in as much effort when creating these emails. The tool will also help you personalize the emails without taking up too much of your time. That way, you can maximize your email output as much as possible. 

7. SmartWriter

If you’re looking for something that will help you with cold emailing, then SmartWriter is most likely the right tool for you.

SmartWriter is able to take up information from all sorts of sources such as news stories, social media platforms, and other areas and use that information in your emails. This is ideal for creating many different types of sales emails, especially those that are personalized. 

This tool mainly aims at the copy of your emails rather than subject lines, first lines, or anything else. However, there are a few templates available to help you somewhat with the opening lines of your emails. The main downside is that it is a bit expensive at around $59 per month. 

8. Compose Web

Compose Web is designed to generate a lot of text at once. This is ideal if you need to create longer emails. This tool is also good at doing other things than just creating emails such as generating text for blog posts and other similar purposes. 

There are many sales copy email templates available so you won’t need to waste your time writing a bunch of text from scratch. It even has a Chrome extension that you can use if you want which will help you complete your sentences. 

9. Lola AI

Lola AI is unique due to the way it takes information from a particular LinkedIn page and uses it in emails. This is ideal if you are trying to target a particular person or brand. By using information from the target’s LinkedIn page, you can easily personalize the email without having to read through the entire webpage yourself. 

This tool is also meant for sending cold emails. While this tool is not perfect and you will need to correct some mistakes that it makes, it is overall a very good tool that you can use in a variety of ways. It is also only $25 per month when you’re just starting out, so you can see whether you like it or not before you decide to pay more. 

10. Jasper

Jasper is not only good for writing long pieces of content but also short pieces. This makes this ai writing tool very versatile and easy to use no matter what kind of email you might be writing. It is particularly favored among sales professionals. 

If you want, you can even come up with your own AI model in Jasper to make your email endeavors much easier and more efficient. 

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All About AI for Email

AI for email is something that many people can’t live without. An AI email tool can help you create great emails in a variety of ways. Some may help you with introductory lines while others may help you with templates, subject lines, and so on. 

Whatever the case, you should give Canary Mail a try since it is so versatile. Check email app pricing to learn more about it and how it works. 

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