Enterprise email, meet AI

Canary helps your team save time by helping write emails & prioritizing what needs attention. Give everyone an AI assistant, and a better Outlook in life :)

Note Taking App - TechOS X Webflow Template
Note Taking App - TechOS X Webflow Template

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Email smarter, get more done

Let Copilot write emails for you

Tell Canary what you want to say, eg 'Congratulate Elon on buying Twitter', or simply select whether you'd like to reply positively or otherwise. Canary will do the rest!

Conversational AI assistant

Stop sifting through your Inbox & just ask 'Do I have any bills due this week?' or 'What time is my flight on Thursday?' or even 'Is anyone waiting for my reply?'

Prioritization that learns from you

Canary learns from the way you email - what you'd want to read first, who you'd want to reply to - and automatically surfaces the most important stuff for you.

Enhance your team's productivity

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Read Receipts

Know what happens after you hit send & get notified as soon as your emails are read.

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Handle emails when the time is right - today, tomorrow, or when you’re ready.

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Pin Emails

Pin important emails and action items to the top of your Inbox for easy access.

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1-Click Unsubscribe

Easily unsubscribe from newsletters and marketing emails, without having to dig for the unsubscribe link.

Get enterprise-grade email security

Deploy encryption

Access PGP on desktop & mobile, or use SecureSend for easy HIPAA compliance.

Detect impersonation

Prevent phishing, ransomware & account takeover hacks that start with impersonation.

Biometric app lock

Secure inboxes with Face or Touch ID for enhanced security.

Prevent data loss

Stop misdirected emails & files that can result in costly data loss.

No ads, no data mining

Privacy-first, always. Your data is yours alone & will never be shared.

Ready for teams of all sizes

Easy setup

Switch to Canary in seconds - no provider migration or learning curve involved.

Powerful administration

Control all aspects of how your team uses Canary via a slick cloud-based console.

Simple provisioning

Get SSO & Directory Sync via Okta, Google, Azure, Workday, etc.

Centralized licensing

Pay for all geographies & platforms with a single credit card.

Security policies

Ensure your users remain compliant with your team's security policies.

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Universal compatibility

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Discover a new way to email

Discover A New Way To Work - TechOS X Webflow Template
Discover A New Way To Work - TechOS X Webflow Template

What our users say

What Our Users Say - TechOS X Webflow Template

Sidhant Goyal


4 words - Best. Email. App. Ever. Search is powerful. UX is buttery smooth. Productivity features are ❤️. Try it now.

What Our Users Say - TechOS X Webflow Template

Christopher Blake

United States

The first 24 hours after downloading Canary will be life changing. Take full advantage of all of the features, not just the ones you *think* you need.

What Our Users Say - TechOS X Webflow Template


United Kingdom

The best email app I've tried & I've tried them all. My favorite feature is 1-click unsubscribe. Takes you directly to the website to unsub!

What Our Users Say - TechOS X Webflow Template

Jeremy Ward


SecureSend is a godsend - I can encrypt emails with sensitive info whether or not my recipient has Canary or encryption keys.

What Our Users Say - TechOS X Webflow Template


United States

Canary gives me everything I want. I LOVE the AI & the smart notifications. This is the app for me with the privacy I didn’t expect!

What Our Users Say - TechOS X Webflow Template



This is the most visually appealing email app I have ever seen and used. I love the Read Receipts, which work perfectly. Thank you!

What Our Users Say - TechOS X Webflow Template

Jason Odra

United States

Canary has my most desired features in an email client; the ability to mass delete all the promotional emails and notifications is such a time saver.

What Our Users Say - TechOS X Webflow Template


United Kingdom

Canary is lightning fast, stable and doesn't get in the way. The search feature works flawlessly every single time. Keep up the good work!

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