Exploring Mimestream Alternatives: Best Options

Best Mimestream alternatives to consider for better productivity. Cost effective - reliable options. Canary Mail vs Mimestream vs Spark Mail.

Exploring Mimestream Alternatives: Best Options

In the realm of email management, Mimestream has long been a popular choice for macOS users, providing an efficient email experience. However, the recent introduction of pricing plans for Mimestream has prompted users to explore alternative options that offer better functionality while keeping costs in check. In this blog post, we shall examine some of the top Mimestream alternatives.

What’s the need to look for Mimestream alternatives

Mimestream has been a popular email client for MacOS users for a while. Though it supports only Gmail integration as of now, that too without using the standard – IMAP protocol, users seemed to like it. But certain emerging issues have recently made changes to quite a few users’ thinking perspectives. Below mentioned are some of the top reasons Why users are looking for Mimestream alternatives.

Limited Email Provider Support: One of the primary factors driving the search for Mimestream alternatives is its limited support for email providers. Currently, Mimestream only offers integration with Gmail, leaving users who rely on other email providers with no choice but to seek alternative options. The need for a more versatile email client that can seamlessly integrate with various providers has become paramount for users seeking a comprehensive email management solution.

Changing User Perspectives: Recent issues and emerging challenges related to Mimestream have prompted users to reassess their reliance on the email client. Users are now more attentive to the importance of reliable and secure email management, seeking alternatives that address their concerns more effectively. The need for robust security measures, streamlined user experience, and compatibility across multiple platforms has become increasingly significant, leading users to explore alternative options.

Subscription Plans: Mimestream, previously accessible at no cost, has recently unveiled a selection of subscription plans that have garnered mixed responses from its user base.

Best alternatives to consider

Following are some of the best email clients available to increase your email productivity.

Canary Mail

Canary Mail has emerged as a robust and reliable alternative to Mimestream, offering a comprehensive set of features that cater to the needs of both individual users and businesses. With its intuitive interface, advanced encryption, and excellent compatibility across various platforms, Canary Mail delivers a seamless email management experience. The app’s commitment to user privacy and security sets it apart from other alternatives, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and privacy-focused email client.

Canary Mail supports four prominent platforms, namely MacOS, iOS, Android, and Windows. The app offers a complimentary plan along with offering premium subscription options for enhanced features and functionality.

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Spark Mail

Spark is another notable Mimestream alternative that has gained popularity among users looking for an efficient email management solution. This cross-platform email client offers a smart inbox, facilitating effortless email prioritization and organization. Notably, Spark’s collaborative features foster seamless team communication, rendering it an appealing option for businesses.

Equipped with intelligent notifications and customizable settings, Spark empowers users to maintain organization and productivity. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that user reviews about the application have been diverse, reflecting a range of opinions and experiences.


Airmail is a feature-rich email client that offers a broad range of functionalities, making it a strong alternative to Mimestream. With support for various email providers, including Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo, Airmail provides a unified inbox experience, enabling users to manage multiple accounts efficiently. Its extensive customization options, robust search capabilities, and integration with popular third-party apps make Airmail an appealing choice for users seeking a highly customizable email client.

Newton Mail

Formerly known as CloudMagic, Newton Mail is a cross-platform email client that focuses on simplicity, speed, and productivity. Offering an intuitive and clutter-free interface, Newton Mail streamlines the email management process with features like snooze, read receipts, and send later. It supports a wide range of email providers and integrates seamlessly with popular productivity tools, making it a good choice for users who prioritize productivity and efficiency.


Spike reimagines the way we interact with emails by transforming them into conversational threads, resembling instant messaging apps. Available for MacOS, iOS, Android, and Windows, Spike combines email with collaborative tools like real-time chat and file sharing. With its unified inbox and powerful search capabilities, finding and managing emails becomes effortless. Spike’s modern approach to email management brings a refreshing experience to users.


  • Conversational email threads resemble instant messaging apps, promoting efficient communication.
  • Unified inbox and powerful search capabilities simplify email management.
  • Modern approach with collaborative tools like real-time chat and file sharing.



Canary Mail vs Mimestream

While Mimestream’s recent pricing changes have prompted users to explore alternatives, there is no shortage of reliable and feature-rich email clients available. Canary Mail, in particular, has emerged as an outstanding option due to its robust feature set, emphasis on privacy, and seamless user experience. Nevertheless, other alternatives such as Spark, Airmail, Newton Mail, and Spike also offer compelling features and deserve consideration based on individual preferences and requirements. Regardless of the chosen alternative, the key is to find an email client that aligns with your workflow, enhances productivity, and ensures the security of your communications.

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