Sidekick AI Writer: Copilot for your Inbox

The AI writer analyzes the content of incoming emails and suggests appropriate responses based on the context of the message. Meet Copilot!

Sidekick AI Writer: Copilot for your Inbox

The average professional spends 28% of the workday reading and answering emails, according to a McKinsey analysis. For the average full-time worker in America, that amounts to a staggering 2.6 hours spent and 120 messages received per day.

Copilot, an AI-powered email writing tool from Canary, simplifies the process of creating emails with its user-friendly interface and clever features. This cutting-edge application is made to help users write different kinds of emails, whether they are for work, school, or personal reasons. Copilot will create a well-written email that satisfies your needs if you just provide it the email’s context.

Email is now a common form of communication in the hectic business environment of today. The excessive amount of emails that professionals get every day, however, can cause inefficiency and a loss in productivity. Canary Mail has created an AI writer in answer to this problem, and it claims to transform email communication.

Canary’s AI Email Writer:

Sidekick AI for Compose:

Compose clean and professional emails effortlessly with Canary’s Copilot. Just let it know about what you’d like to write and we promise, it’ll do the rest! It has the capability to craft the best messages that appears just as you would write.

With this, Copilot also even allows you to change the degree of the response that you would like to choose. Like –  Formal, Neutral, and so on.

Sidekick AI for Inbox:

Receive long-tailed emails, and don’t want to miss any important updates? We’ve got you covered with Copilot for Inbox. Now summarize the whole thread of emails in just a few lines and get all the important updates in a glance, without wasting time. With summarize feature, you can do this with the ease of just a few clicks.

Canary Mail’s AI writer is powered by state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms that have been trained on millions of emails. This enables it to generate high-quality, context-specific email responses in real time. The AI writer analyzes the content of incoming emails and suggests appropriate responses based on the context of the message. The user can then review and modify the suggested response before sending it.

Why does one need AI Writer?

One of the primary challenges that content creators face is writer’s block. Staring at a blank page, waiting for inspiration to strike, can be frustrating and time-consuming. This is where AI writing assistants like Canary Mail come to the rescue. By utilizing advanced algorithms, these AI-powered tools analyze existing content, blog posts, and social media updates to generate relevant and original ai content creation ideas.

The strength of AI-generated content lies in its ability to create unique and engaging pieces without compromising on quality. Canary Mail leverages deep learning techniques to analyze vast amounts of data and understand patterns in language usage, ensuring that the ai text generator result is coherent and well-written. This not only saves time for content writers but also enhances the overall productivity and efficiency of the content creation process.


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Benefits of Using Canary Mail’s AI Writer

Canary Mail’s AI-powered writer offers a range of advantages to professionals and businesses. This tool is designed to streamline email communication, improve work-life balance, and enhance content quality. Here is the product descriptions and some key benefits you can expect:

Time Efficiency

One of the key benefits of using Canary Mail’s AI writer is the ability to save time. Instead of spending hours crafting responses to each email, you can quickly generate unique context-specific responses tailored to each email. This not only saves valuable time but also ensures that the response is accurate and effective.

Improved Communication

The AI´s suggested responses are based on the message’s context, ensuring their relevance to the recipient. This leads to more productive and effective communication, essential in today’s competitive business environment.

Reduced Stress and Improved Work-Life Balance

The ability to generate high-quality responses quickly means you can spend less time on emails and more on other important tasks. This aids in reducing stress and improving work-life balance, contributing positively to mental health and well-being.


Canary Mail’s AI writer is versatile, catering to various needs. Whether you’re a seasoned content writer looking for fresh ideas or a business owner with limited writing skills, this AI-powered assistant can generate content across different niches and industries.

Enhanced Email Communication

Crafting compelling and effective emails is crucial in establishing and maintaining professional relationships. Canary Mail helps leverage AI to write emails that are personalized, persuasive, and tailored to your target recipients. This not only saves time but also ensures consistency and high quality in your email communication.

Why Choose Canary Mail?

Canary Mail, an AI-powered email client, delivers an unparalleled email experience through a variety of advanced features and integrations with major email services. It stands out due to its user-friendly interface, efficient management of multiple email accounts, and superior convenience.

Compatibility Across Platforms

Compatible with major email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft Outlook, IMAP, and more, this exceptional application integrates seamlessly across platforms. With its cutting-edge functionalities like read-receipts, one-click unsubscribe, and email snooze, Canary Mail sets the bar high as one of the finest email clients available on the app store. With its user-friendly interface and efficient management of multiple email accounts, Canary Mail offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

AI-powered writer Email Experience

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Canary Mail goes beyond traditional email clients by incorporating smart features that make your email management more intuitive and streamlined. The integration of AI allows for advanced functionalities such as smart suggestions and predictive text, which assist in composing emails more efficiently and accurately. Whether you need to send a quick response or craft a detailed message, Canary Mail’s AI capabilities simplify the process and save valuable time.

Read-Receipt Functionality

One of the standout features of Canary Mail is its read-receipt functionality. This enables users to know when their emails have been opened and read by the recipients, providing invaluable insights for professional communication. By having visibility into the engagement of your emails, you can gauge the effectiveness of your messages and tailor your follow-up accordingly. This feature is particularly useful in business settings, where prompt and efficient communication is crucial.

One-Click Unsubscribe Feature

Additionally, Canary Mail offers a convenient one-click unsubscribe feature. With the ever-increasing influx of promotional emails and newsletters, managing subscriptions can become overwhelming. However, Canary Mail simplifies this process by providing an easy way to unsubscribe from unwanted email lists with just a single click. This not only declutters your inbox but also saves valuable time that would otherwise be spent manually unsubscribing from various lists.

Email Snooze Capability

Another notable feature of Canary Mail is its email snooze capability. Sometimes, you may come across emails that require attention at a later time or date. With email snooze, you can temporarily remove these messages from your inbox and schedule them to reappear at a more convenient moment. This feature ensures that important emails are not forgotten or lost in the clutter of your inbox, allowing you to prioritize and manage your email effectively.

Integration with Task Management Apps

Furthermore, Canary Mail offers seamless integration with popular task management and note-taking apps, allowing you to effortlessly sync your emails with your preferred productivity tools. This integration empowers you to create tasks, set reminders, and make notes directly from your emails, ensuring that important action items are never overlooked. By consolidating your email communication with your task management system, Canary Mail enhances your productivity and enables efficient collaboration.

Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are paramount in the digital age, especially when dealing with sensitive emails. Canary Mail Copilot takes these concerns seriously and has implemented robust measures to protect user data.

Firstly, Copilot processes all data locally on your device. This means that your emails and other data are not sent to Canary Mail’s servers or any third-party servers. This local processing ensures that your data remains under your control and significantly reduces the risk of data breaches.

Secondly, Canary Mail uses end-to-end encryption for all emails sent through its platform. This encryption is facilitated by Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), a data encryption and decryption program that provides cryptographic privacy and authentication for data communication. PGP ensures that only the intended recipient can read the email, providing an additional layer of security.

Moreover, the AI model used by Copilot is trained on anonymized data. This means that the model does not have access to any personally identifiable information from the emails it was trained on.

Lastly, Canary Mail adheres to strict privacy policies and complies with all relevant data protection regulations. The company is transparent about its data practices and provides users with clear information about how their data is used.

In conclusion, Canary Mail Copilot offers a secure and private solution for AI-powered email writing, giving users peace of mind while they communicate. Learn more about outgoing requests.

Technical Details

Canary Mail Copilot leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to provide a seamless email writing experience. At its core, The AI capabilities of Canary Mail are backed by technology from OpenAI & Cohere, as well as open-source language models from Hugging Face. Its flagship feature, Copilot, leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP), which allows it to understand, interpret, and generate human language in a meaningful way.

The AI model behind Copilot is trained on millions of emails, which helps it understand the context and nuances of different types of email communication. It’s important to note that this training data is anonymized and stripped of any personally identifiable information to maintain user privacy.

When you write an email, Copilot’s AI analyzes the text in real-time. It uses this analysis to predict what you’re likely to write next, based on the context of your email and the patterns it has learned from its training data. This predictive text feature can save you time and help you craft more effective emails.

Moreover, Copilot is designed to learn from your interactions. As you use the tool, it adapts to your writing style and preferences, improving its suggestions over time. This continuous learning capability ensures that Copilot becomes more useful the more you use it.

Tutorial or Walkthrough:

Using Canary Mail Copilot effectively is a straightforward process, thanks to its intuitive design and seamless integration with Canary Mail. Here’s a quick walkthrough to get you started:

  1. Installation and Setup: First, ensure that you have the latest version of Canary Mail installed. Copilot is integrated directly into the Canary Mail app, so there’s no separate installation required.
  2. Writing an Email: Start writing an email as you normally would. As you type, Copilot will analyze your text and provide real-time suggestions. These suggestions will appear in a lighter text, and you can accept them by hitting the ‘tab’ key or continue typing to ignore them. [feature to be added].
  3. Personalizing Copilot: Over time, Copilot will learn from your writing style and preferences. To speed up this process, take the time to review and accept or reject its suggestions. This feedback helps Copilot understand your style better and improve its suggestions.
  4. Security Settings: To ensure your privacy, go to Canary Mail’s settings and confirm that end-to-end encryption (PGP) is enabled. This will secure your emails and keep your data private.
  5. Continuous Use: The more you use Copilot, the better it gets. Regular use will help it adapt to your writing style and provide more accurate and helpful suggestions.

Future Plans for AI writer:

Canary Mail, an AI-powered email client, is set to revolutionize email communication with its innovative AI writing tool, Copilot. This tool is designed to streamline the process of composing emails, saving users valuable time and improving efficiency. By providing context, Copilot can generate well-crafted emails that meet users’ needs, whether for work, school, or personal matters. As one of the leading AI content creation tools, Canary Mail is planning to enhance its AI capabilities to offer more intuitive and streamlined email management.

Two key features of Copilot are its ability to assist in composing emails and summarizing long email threads. The compose feature allows users to craft professional emails effortlessly. Users simply provide the context or message they want to convey, and Copilot generates a well-written email. It also allows users to adjust the tone of voice of the response, such as formal or neutral.

The summarization feature is particularly useful for long email threads. It condenses the entire thread into a few lines, providing all the important updates at a glance. This saves users the time of reading through lengthy email threads.

Trained AI writer for high-quality content

Canary Mail’s AI writer is powered by state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms trained on millions of emails. This enables it to generate high-quality content and context-specific email responses in real-time. It analyzes the content of incoming emails and suggests appropriate responses based on the context of the message.

In addition to these features, Canary Mail is planning to enhance its AI capabilities to offer more intuitive and streamlined email management. The company is also focused on improving its compatibility across platforms, ensuring seamless integration with major email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft Outlook, and IMAP.

In the future, users can expect advanced functionalities from Canary Mail’s AI-powered writer, such as smart suggestions and predictive text, which will further assist in composing emails more efficiently and accurately. These features will not only save users valuable time but also enhance the overall productivity and efficiency of email communication.

Comparative Analysis

In the ever-evolving world of AI-powered email writing tools, Canary Mail Copilot stands out for its unique features and capabilities. When compared to other tools on the market, such as Grammarly and Boomerang, Copilot offers a more comprehensive and intuitive user experience.

Grammarly, while excellent for grammar and style suggestions, primarily focuses on correcting writing errors. It lacks the advanced AI capabilities that Copilot offers, such as predictive text and personalized email drafting. Boomerang, on the other hand, excels in email scheduling and follow-up reminders but doesn’t provide the same level of writing assistance as Copilot.

Canary Mail Copilot shines in its ability to understand the context of your emails and provide relevant suggestions. Its AI is trained on a vast dataset, enabling it to generate accurate and contextually appropriate responses. This feature is particularly useful for professionals who need to draft lengthy emails or respond to a high volume of messages daily.

Moreover, Copilot’s integration with Canary Mail’s robust suite of email management tools is a significant advantage. This seamless integration allows users to manage their inbox efficiently, with features like smart filters, end-to-end encryption for enhanced security, and natural language search.

In terms of privacy, Canary Mail Copilot excels. Unlike some competitors that store your data on their servers, Copilot processes all data locally on your device, ensuring your sensitive information remains private.

In conclusion, while other AI-powered email tools have their strengths, Canary Mail Copilot’s advanced AI capabilities, seamless integration with email management tools, and commitment to user privacy make it a compelling choice for those seeking a comprehensive email solution.

Pricing and Availability

Check Canary pricing page comparison for more details.

User Experience and Feedback:

Users from around the globe have expressed high satisfaction with Canary Mail, praising its various features and user-friendly interface:

  1. Sidhant Goyal (India): Described Canary Mail as the “Best. Email. App. Ever.” due to its powerful search, smooth user experience, and productivity features.
  2. Christopher Blake (United States): Highlighted the transformative experience of using Canary Mail, describing the first 24 hours after downloading it as “life-changing”. He urged new users to explore all the features, not just the ones they think they need.
  3. Deziree (United Kingdom): Called Canary Mail the best email app she’s tried, expressing particular appreciation for the 1-click unsubscribe feature.
  4. Jeremy Ward (Australia): Praised the SecureSend feature, which allows him to encrypt emails with sensitive information regardless of whether the recipient has Canary or encryption keys.
  5. The_Hat_Always (United States): Expressed love for the AI and smart notifications features, appreciating the unexpected level of privacy that Canary Mail provides.
  6. UMxII (Mexico): Complimented the visual appeal of the app and the effectiveness of the Read Receipts feature.
  7. Jason Odra (United States): Appreciated the ability to mass delete promotional emails and notifications, calling it a time saver.
  8. Raphael_Cruzeiro (United Kingdom): Praised Canary for its speed, stability, and flawless search feature.

Refer to what users say on our homepage and ProductHunt for more details.

Overall, users have found Canary Mail to be a powerful and efficient tool for managing their email communications.

Final Words!

email ai writer

One of the key benefits of Copilot is its ability to save time and streamline the email writing process. With Copilot, users no longer have to spend hours crafting the perfect email, as the AI-powered tool provides suggestions for content and phrasing. This not only speeds up the writing process but also ensures that the message is clear, concise, and effective. 

The best AI-powered writers, such as Canary Mail, go beyond mere text generation. They offer a range of additional features and functionalities that enhance the content-writing process. These AI writing tools often provide grammar and spell-checking capabilities, ensuring that the generated text is error-free and polished. They can also offer suggestions for improved readability, helping content creators fine-tune their writing style.

Summarize mails.

Don’t want to read the entire mail thread again? We’ve got you covered! Get a summary of all the emails in a thread with our Copilot for Reading.

It can effectively save you time by reducing the reading time for emails.

Try now!

AI writer Summarize mails.
ai writer; Write like a pro!


Write like a pro!

Canary’s Copilot provides a seamless platform for communicating professional messages, whether you intend to resign or apply for a new job role. The interface offers high-quality text and writing styles that align with your unique communication preferences. With Copilot’s adaptable features, expressing yourself has never been easier or more efficient.


Get notified for mail reads!

Experience prompt notifications upon your email’s reception by its recipients, ensuring that you are always kept up-to-date with ongoing discussions.

Mitigate the possibility of being overlooked or left out of important conversations.

Mail Copilot: Get notified for mail reads!
Copilot features


AI Writer Best features.

Pin the top-priority emails to the top of your inbox. Snooze them to send later at a specific time and keep your inbox clean by unsubscribing the Newsletters.

Secured emails.

Canary Mail offers the capability to encrypt your emails using industry-standard protocols such as PGP. With this feature, you can ensure that your emails are protected with highly secure standards. Additionally, you can use SecureSend, which further enhances the security of your emails.

Secured emails writer.

Canary Mail stands out as the best email app for iphone!


What is an AI writer?

An AI writer is a cutting-edge technology that leverages artificial intelligence to generate written content. By analyzing extensive amounts of existing text data, AI writers can mimic human writing and produce various types of content, such as articles, blog posts, and social media updates. These systems use natural language processing algorithms to understand language patterns and vocabulary, resulting in coherent and contextually relevant text. While AI writers offer the potential to automate content creation processes, it’s important to note that they may have limitations and require human oversight to ensure accuracy and quality. automatically.

How does an AI writer work?

AI writers work by analyzing vast amounts of text data and learning patterns and structures within the language. They use this knowledge to generate human-like text based on the given input or instructions.

What are the benefits of using an AI writer?

Using an AI writer provides time and efficiency gains by automating content creation processes, scalability for generating large volumes of content consistently, diverse content generation across various formats and topics, maintaining consistency in tone of voice and style, cost-effectiveness compared to hiring human writers, and language assistance for non-native speakers. However, human oversight is still necessary for quality control, and AI writers may have limitations in terms of creativity and specialized subject matter expertise.

FAQs relatives to Content Generation

What types of content can an AI writer generate?

The content that AI writers may produce includes blog posts, social media updates, product descriptions, news pieces, email drafts, and more. Depending on the AI authoring tool, the specific capabilities could change.

Is the content generated by an AI writer unique or does it risk plagiarism?

The content generated by an AI writer can achieve uniqueness if it does not undergo training on or directly copy existing texts. However, there is still a risk of unintentional plagiarism if the AI writer unknowingly reproduces previously published content. Proper review and citation practices are necessary to ensure originality.

Can an AI writer help with writer’s block?

By utilizing AI writers, writers can effectively overcome writer’s block as AI writers offer content suggestions, generate ideas, and even produce drafts that human writers can further develop.

FAQs relatives to Language Capabilities

Can an AI writer create content in different languages?

Yes, an AI writer has the capability to create content in different languages. By leveraging natural language processing algorithms, AI writers can analyze and understand patterns, structures, and vocabulary in multiple languages. This allows them to generate written content in various languages, catering to the needs of diverse audiences and markets. However, it’s important to note that the quality and accuracy of the generated content may vary depending on the specific language and the level of training the AI model has received in that particular language. Continuous advancements in AI technology are improving the language capabilities of AI writers, enabling them to create content in an expanding range of languages.

How can I integrate an AI writer into my workflow?

Integrating an AI writer into your workflow typically involves using the tool’s interface or API to generate content based on your requirements. Some AI writing tools also offer integrations with popular content management systems or provide plugins for seamless integration.

Is the content generated by an AI writer SEO-friendly?

AI writers can create SEO-friendly content by incorporating relevant keywords and following best practices. Yet, achieving the desired SEO goals often necessitates additional manual review and editing to optimize the content for search engines.

FAQs relatives to Limitations and Oversight of AI Writer

Can an AI writer replace a human writer?

Although AI writers are capable of creating high-quality work, they cannot fully replace human writers. For many writing assignments, human creativity, emotional intelligence, and deep comprehension of particular themes are still necessary.

What are the limitations of an AI writer?

AI writers have limitations in areas such as generating highly creative or subjective content, understanding complex contexts, producing well-structured long-form pieces, and handling extremely specific or niche subjects. They may also require human oversight to ensure quality and accuracy.

How does an AI writer handle sensitive or confidential information?

AI writers take user privacy and confidentiality seriously. When it comes to sensitive or confidential information, it’s important to be cautious. Avoid sharing such data with AI writers and carefully review the privacy policies of AI writer providers. Remember to oversee the process yourself and handle sensitive information responsibly to ensure security and maintain your privacy.

FAQs relatives to Customization and Fine-tuning

Can an AI writer understand and replicate my writing style?

Some AI writing tools offer the ability to fine-tune the model to mimic a particular writing style, but it may not fully replicate an individual’s unique style. AI writers excel at adapting to different tones and styles, but the output may not perfectly match an individual’s writing style.

How accurate is an AI writer?

The accuracy of an AI writer can vary depending on the tool and the quality of training data. Advanced AI models tend to produce highly accurate content, but there may still be occasional errors or inconsistencies that require manual review and editing.

Can I use an AI writer for academic or professional writing?

Academic or professional writers can utilize AI writers to assist in content generation, but it remains crucial to ensure that the produced content adheres to the necessary standards and ethical guidelines. Final review and editing by a human expert are usually necessary for academic or professional contexts.

FAQs about Improvements, Context Understanding, and Accuracy

How does an AI writer improve over time?

AI writers improve over time through continuous training on large amounts of data, feedback from users, and updates to the underlying algorithms and models. The more data and feedback the AI writer receives, the better it becomes at generating accurate and contextually appropriate content.

Can an AI writer understand context and nuances in language?

AI writers have improved in understanding context and nuances in language, but they may still struggle with complex or ambiguous situations. Although AI writers can generate coherent text, they may have limited ability to grasp subtle nuances or cultural references, necessitating human input for refinement.

Is the content generated by an AI writer grammatically correct and free of typos?

AI writers strive to generate grammatically correct content, but errors and typos can still occur. The level of grammatical accuracy and typo prevention can depend on the quality and diversity of the training data and the sophistication of the underlying AI model. To ensure high-quality output, it is advisable to perform manual reviews and editing.

FAQs about Different AI Writing Tools on the Market

What is the difference between different AI writing tools on the market?

Different AI writing tools on the market vary in terms of their features, training data, customization options, user interface, and pricing. These differences affect their functionalities, adaptability to specific requirements, user-friendliness, and accessibility. It’s crucial to assess these factors when choosing an AI writing tool that aligns with your content creation needs and preferences.

What is the cost of using an AI writer?

The cost of using an AI writer varies depending on the tool, the pricing model (e.g., subscription, pay-per-use), and the level of features and support provided. Some AI writing tools offer free access with limited functionality, while others require a paid subscription or usage-based fees.

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