10 Exciting Alternatives to eM Client

Discover top alternatives to EM Client, including Canary Mail, Mailbird, and more. Find the perfect email solution tailored to your needs.

10 Exciting Alternatives to eM Client

eM Client, a popular email client for Windows and macOS, has gained a significant user base due to its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface. Whether you’ve come across eM Client through an eM Client download or have been using the eM Client Pro version, you might be wondering if there are other email clients that could better suit your needs. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to some of the best alternatives to eM Client.

Why Look for Alternatives to eM Client?

While eM Client offers a range of features, including email, calendar, tasks, contacts, and chat, there might be several reasons why users seek alternatives. Some might be looking for specific features not present in eM Client, while others might be deterred by the cost of eM Client Pro. Additionally, mixed eM Client reviews might lead users to explore other options.

1. Canary Mail: A Top Contender

Canary Mail stands out as a top alternative to eM Client. Known for its robust security features, including end-to-end encryption, Canary Mail ensures that your emails remain private and secure. However, like any software, it has its drawbacks. Some users have reported occasional syncing issues, but overall, user feedback and ratings for Canary Mail are positive, making it a worthy contender to consider.

2. Mailbird

Mailbird is another excellent alternative to eM Client. It offers a clean, intuitive interface and supports multiple accounts, making email management a breeze. However, some users have noted that it lacks advanced features found in other email clients.

3. Thunderbird

Hailing from Mozilla’s stable, Thunderbird is a cost-free, open-source email solution. It’s packed with features like an embedded calendar and chat, but its somewhat antiquated interface may not appeal to everyone.

4. Microsoft Office Outlook

Microsoft Office Outlook is a holistic email client that smoothly blends with other Microsoft Office tools. Its extensive capabilities are impressive, but the associated price tag may be a stumbling block for some.

5. Evolution

Tailored for the GNOME desktop, Evolution is a robust email platform with integrated mail, contact, and calendar services. However, its ease of use has been a point of contention among some users.

6. Spark Mail

Spark Mail stands out with its intelligent inbox that auto-sorts emails, aiding users in better inbox management. However, some users have found its search feature less than optimal.

7. Mailspring

Mailspring, with its sleek interface, offers a host of features like a unified inbox, email snoozing, and scheduling. But, access to some advanced features comes at a premium.

8. Zoho Mail

As a component of the Zoho applications suite, Zoho Mail is ideal for businesses seeking seamless integration with other business tools. However, its user interface has been critiqued for its complexity.

9. Superhuman

Superhuman, a high-end email client, is renowned for its quick operation and productivity-centric features. But its premium pricing may dissuade some users.

10. Shift

Shift not only serves as an email client but also as a hub for managing apps and accounts. Despite its versatility, some users have reported inconsistencies with its notification system.

Email ClientKey FeaturesDrawbacks
Canary MailEnd-to-end encryption, robust securityOccasional syncing issues
MailbirdClean interface, supports multiple accountsLacks some advanced features
ThunderbirdFree, open-source, built-in calendar and chatOutdated interface
Microsoft Office OutlookIntegrates with Microsoft Office applicationsCostly
EvolutionDesigned for GNOME, integrated mail, address book, and calendarLess intuitive
Spark MailSmart inbox feature, automatically categorizes emailsIssues with search functionality
MailspringClean, modern interface, unified inbox, snooze, send laterAdvanced features require premium subscription
Zoho MailPart of Zoho suite, good for businessesInterface less user-friendly
SuperhumanPremium, focus on speed and productivityHigh cost
ShiftManages apps and accounts in one placeIssues with notifications
Summarizing Table with eM Client Alternatives Features


While eM Client offers a range of features that cater to various user needs, it’s always good to explore alternatives that might offer different features or a better user experience. Whether you prioritize security features like those in Canary Mail or prefer the comprehensive integration of Microsoft Office Outlook, there’s an email client out there that can meet your specific needs. Remember, the best email client for you depends on your personal or business requirements, so it’s worth taking the time to explore these alternatives.


Is eM Client 9.2 free?

EM Client 9.2 offers a free version with basic features, suitable for non-commercial use. However, for access to premium features and for commercial use, a Pro version is available for purchase.

Is eM Client compatible with Windows 10?

Yes, eM Client is fully compatible with Windows 10. It can be easily installed and used for managing emails, contacts, and calendar events on Windows 10 systems.

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