SecureSend: What is it? How does it work?

SecureSend: What is it? How does it work?

What is SecureSend?

SecureSend is an easy-to-use encryption system that allows you to secure sensitive content in emails & files with a single click. It encapsulates emails & files with an additional layer of encryption, to keep them secure even in the event of a breach or unauthorized account access. 

SecureSend allows you to set an expiry date for outgoing emails, as well as revoke sent emails at any time after they are sent. This means you have greater control over sensitive content in a way that’s just not possible with regular email. Learn more.

Who can you send secure emails to?

With SecureSend, you can send secure emails to anyone, whether or not they use Canary. Unlike PGP, using SecureSend does not involve any manual encryption key management. Whereas PGP requires that your recipient already has encryption keys set up, this is not necessary for SecureSend.

How can recipients access emails secured via SecureSend?

Your recipients will receive a link via email that allows them to access a secure cloud-based reader. They only need to establish their identity, they do not need to create any new logins or install new software. They can also securely reply to your email directly via the Secure Reader.

Learn more. 

Is SecureSend HIPAA compliant?

Yes, SecureSend is HIPAA-compliant. Emails and files sent via SecureSend are end-to-end encrypted. Only you and your recipient can access secure content. You can request that we sign a BAA with your organization here.

How do you send an email using SecureSend?

To compose a particular email using SecureSend, toggle ON Not Secure above the keyboard of the Compose screen. 

Learn more about the SecureSend settings needed to send an email.

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