How to Pin Emails in Mac Mail: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Pin Emails in Mac Mail: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn how to effectively 'pin' emails in Mac Mail using flags, special mailboxes, and third-party solutions. Keep your important emails easily accessible.

Alex Simmons

Alex Simmons | Jan 1, 2024 | 3 mins read

Pinning emails is a feature many email clients offer to help users keep track of important messages. While Mac Mail doesn’t have a native pinning feature, there are several workarounds that can serve the same purpose. This article will guide you through these alternative methods.

The Concept of Pinning in Mac Mail

Mac Mail doesn’t offer a direct pinning feature like some other email clients. However, it does provide several other features that can be used to achieve a similar result. One of the most commonly used methods is flagging emails, which we will discuss in detail below.

How to Use Flags as Pins in Mac Mail

Flagging is the closest thing to pinning in Mac Mail. Here’s how to flag an email:

  1. Open Mac Mail and navigate to the email you want to flag.
  2. Right-click on the email.
  3. Select the ‘Flag’ option from the context menu.
  4. Choose a color for the flag if you want to categorize it further.

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Creating a Special Mailbox for Important Emails

Another method to keep track of important emails is by creating a special mailbox. This idea was discussed on Reddit and has been found useful by many Mac Mail users.

  1. Open Mac Mail and go to ‘Mailbox’ in the menu.
  2. Select ‘New Mailbox.’
  3. Choose where you want the mailbox to be located.
  4. Name the mailbox something like “Important” or “Pinned Emails.”
  5. Move important emails to this new mailbox manually or set up rules to do it automatically.

Third-Party Solutions

If you’re not satisfied with the native options Mac Mail offers, you can always turn to third-party email clients that offer more advanced pinning features. Some popular options include:

Tips and Tricks

  • Use Smart Folders: Mac Mail allows you to create smart folders that automatically filter emails based on certain criteria. You can create a smart folder for flagged emails to make them easier to find.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Learn the keyboard shortcuts for flagging and moving emails to speed up the process.
  • Color-Coding Flags: Use different colors for flags to categorize emails further. For example, use red for urgent emails and blue for informational ones.
  • Automate with Rules: You can set up rules in Mac Mail to automatically move emails to your special “Pinned” mailbox based on certain criteria like the sender or subject.
  • Utilize Spotlight Search: Mac Mail is integrated with Spotlight, allowing you to quickly search for flagged or special mailbox emails.
  • Combine Methods: Don’t limit yourself to just one method. Combining flagging with a special mailbox can offer a more robust solution.


While Mac Mail may not offer a native pinning feature, the methods outlined above provide effective alternatives. Whether you choose to use flags, create a special mailbox, or even switch to a third-party email client, you have several options to keep your important emails easily accessible.


Alex Simmons
Alex Simmons

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