Top 10 Apple Mail Alternatives For Mac Users

Top 10 Apple Mail Alternatives For Mac Users Find the perfect email client for your Mac today!

Top 10 Apple Mail Alternatives For Mac Users

Are you an Apple user who’s tired of the lackluster performance and outdated features of the Mail app? While Apple’s native email application is a reliable choice for many, it’s certainly not the only option out there. There are plenty of alternatives to Apple Mail that offer greater functionality, improved security, and more streamlined user experiences.

In this article, we’ll explore some top picks for Apple Mail alternatives that can help you become more productive and safer on the web.

1. Canary Mail

Canary Mail is an easy-to-use email client for Mac users. It has recently launched an AI-based feature called Inbox CoPilot. This new feature allows users to write emails based on the selected context or tone.

The conversational AI feature is a game-changer as it can answer questions like “what meetings do I have scheduled this week?” or “when will my Amazon order arrive?” and show relevant emails.

With the read receipts option, you get notified when someone opens your email, which is particularly helpful when keeping track of job applications or feedback emails.

The 1-click unsubscribe option saves time as it takes you directly to the unsubscribe page, and the snooze feature is perfect for setting emails to appear at a later time.

Other features include pinning important emails, an auto-select option for unimportant emails and spam for deleting, encrypted emails, impersonation, and phishing detection, and zero ads.

If you want to declutter your inbox and make emailing effortless, try Canary Mail. The subscription cost is worth the experience.

Pricing: Canary offers a free version with the option to upgrade to the premium version for an affordable yearly fee of $20. By upgrading, users can access additional functionalities and features that enhance their experience with the app.

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2. Spark

Spark is another Apple Mail alternative that has been developed by Readdle, the same team that has created other highly regarded apps such as PDF Expert.

One of the standout features of Spark is its smart inbox, which automatically organizes emails into categories such as newsletters, pinned, new, seen, and more.

It also includes a range of productivity features such as snooze, send later, email follow-up reminders, and smart notifications, making it easy to stay on top of your inbox.

Another impressive feature of Spark is its swipe actions, which allow you to quickly take action on emails. For example, you can swipe an email and send it to Todoist with a link back to the original email. This feature is especially helpful for those who use Todoist as their task manager.

By signing up for Spark for Teams, users can collaborate on emails, discuss replies privately, and create permanent links to email messages, which is helpful for linking in a CRM. Overall, Spark is a powerful email app that provides a range of features and productivity tools to help you manage your inbox more efficiently.

Major Issues:

Pricing: Spark is free for Mac and iOS. A premium version is available at $7.99/month

3. Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an email client that offers a great alternative to Apple Mail for Mac users. The Outlook for Mac app has seen a lot of improvements in recent years, making it a top choice for many. The Microsoft team has put in a lot of effort to make the experience fantastic, and it shows.

Outlook for Mac syncs seamlessly with Google and iCloud accounts, including calendars. Additionally, it now includes the focused inbox feature from iOS, which helps prioritize your emails based on importance. This feature is now available on macOS as well, providing a more streamlined email experience.

If you’re looking for an email client that offers a lot of features and a great user experience, then Microsoft Outlook is worth checking out. It offers many tools to help you stay organized, including a calendar, task management, and even integration with other Microsoft apps like OneNote and Teams. Overall, Outlook for Mac is a solid choice for anyone who wants a powerful and reliable email client.

Major Issues:

Pricing: It can be purchased directly from the Microsoft Store for $139.99 and is also included in a $69.99/year Microsoft 365 subscription.

4. Airmail

Airmail is a well-known third-party email app that has been in the market for several years. It offers support for major email accounts such as iCloud, Exchange, Outlook, Google, Yahoo, and IMAP. AirMail also integrates with various third-party apps such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Trello, Asana, Omnifocus, Google Tasks, Evernote, Todoist, Drafts, Deliveries, Things, and many others.

One of the standout features of Airmail is its extensive customization options, making it a great choice for users who like to have control over the email experience. The app includes options such as snoozing emails, creating a PDF from an email, and muting/blocking senders. Additionally, Airmail has a lightweight built-in to-do list that can help users stay organized.

Airmail is a free app that you can download from the Mac App Store. It also offers a Pro upgrade subscription with additional features. While the app has many useful features and allows for extensive customization, some users may find the user interface a bit confusing compared to other email apps.

However, if you are someone who wants to have more control over your email experience, Airmail may be a good option for you.

Pricing: Most of Airmail’s features are free to use. Whereas, the Airmail pro subscription is for $29.99 yearly which renews every year.

5. Post Box

Post Box is an email app that many people may not have heard of before. It has a nice interface and is similar to Apple Mail in appearance, but it claims to be for power users.

However, it doesn’t seem to offer anything that other popular email apps like Spark or AirMail don’t already have. Post Box does have a variety of third-party integrations and a robust search function, which is its most powerful feature.

Unfortunately, it lacks essential features like Snooze and Sends Later. One unique feature of Post Box is the ability to combine multiple accounts into one unified inbox, which is called Account Groups.

Pricing: It has a one-time purchase offer. You can get a lifetime deal for $49/user.

6. Thunderbird

If you’re looking for an alternative to Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird is worth considering. As an open-source email client with a long history, it offers many of the same features as Mail, making it an excellent free alternative. While its interface may look a bit dated, Thunderbird is highly functional and available for free on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

One of Thunderbird’s greatest strengths is its robust organizational tools, including folders, tags, flags, automation rules, and Smart Folders.

Additionally, the app offers spam scanning, remote image blocking, and encryption through add-ons. With a variety of available add-ons, you can customize Thunderbird to suit your needs and integrate it with third-party services. So if you’re in search of a powerful and flexible email client, give Thunderbird a try.

Major Issues:

Pricing: It is free to use.

7. eM Client

eM Client is a powerful email application available for both Windows and Mac. With a modern and clean interface, it is a great alternative to Apple Mail.

eM Client offers a range of features to organize and manage your emails, including folders, tags, and flags, as well as rules for automation. Its advanced search function and search folders are comparable to those of Apple Mail. The app also includes snooze, templates, and scheduling features to help manage incoming and outgoing emails efficiently. It also filters spam, blocks remote images, and encrypts email.

Another notable feature of eM Client is the integrated calendar, task manager, and contacts app. However, it doesn’t support any third-party plugins.

Whether you’re a business professional or a casual email user, eM Client is a great choice for managing your email inbox. Its sleek and modern interface, combined with its powerful features, make it an excellent alternative to Apple Mail.

Pricing: It costs $49.95 (or $119.95 with lifetime upgrades) from the official website.

8. HEY

If you’re looking for a unique alternative to Apple Mail, HEY is an email service that offers a different approach to email management. To get started, you need to sign up for your own email address and download the HEY app.

HEY includes a feature called “The Screener” that allows you to screen your emails and set rules on who can contact you. You can respond with a simple “YES” or “NO” to the first email from someone, which can help filter out unwanted messages.

The app organizes your emails into three categories: “The Inbox” for important messages, “The Feed” for non-urgent emails like newsletters, and “The Paper Trail” for receipts and less important messages. It also includes a “Reply Later” feature, a central search for files, customizable reminders, and the ability to rename email subjects.

Major Issues:

Pricing: The service comes with a yearly subscription fee of $99.

9. Boxy

Boxy Suite 2 is a popular email application for Mac users who want an alternative to Apple Mail. This application is built to help you efficiently access Google services while maintaining the familiar look and feel of macOS.

Unlike other email apps, Boxy Suite 2 is not a complete redesign of Gmail but instead is a customized wrapper for Google’s services, making it an excellent choice for Gmail power users. You can choose between standard or minimal Gmail interfaces, and also benefit from a dark mode, email tracking detection, easy account switching, and a special “Reader Mode.”

Boxy Suite 2 also works seamlessly with other Google services such as Calendar, Keep, and Contacts, allowing you to stay organized and on top of your schedule. It even offers integrations with other apps and receives regular updates to expand its set of features.

Pricing: You can try it for free with a two-week trial, and if you decide to purchase the app, it’s available for just $39 per year.

10. TwoBird

For Gmail and Outlook users, Twobird is a great option for a streamlined email app. Created by the team behind Notability, Twobird offers a chat-like experience for viewing emails and integrates a calendar for added convenience.

This trend of combining email and calendar functionalities into one app is becoming more popular, with Twobird following in the footsteps of Outlook on Mac and PC. With Twobird, you can access your email, notes, tasks, and calendar all in one place, avoiding the need to constantly switch between different apps.

The calendar feature allows you to see upcoming events and reminders for the week, making it a comprehensive productivity tool. While it may not be suitable for those using iCloud, Twobird is worth considering for those looking for a more focused email app.

Pricing: It is free to use.


While Apple Mail is a popular email client for Mac users, there are a variety of alternatives available that offer unique features and improved functionality.

It’s worth exploring these options to find the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

Whether you’re looking for a more efficient way to manage your inbox, better organization tools, or advanced security features, the alternatives to Apple Mail provide a range of options to enhance your email experience on your Mac.

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