Setting Up Manual Encryption Mode on Android

Setting Up Manual Encryption Mode on Android

Add, import, transfer, search & manage existing PGP keys via Canary’s Key Manager.

The Manual Encryption Mode is used when:

  • You plan on using your existing PGP keys generated via other apps / tools such as GPGTools, Symantec Encryption Desktop etc
  • You plan on sending and receiving encrypted emails to / from users who do not use Canary (Canary’s Auto encryption mode only works with other Canary users)

On an Android Device, you can select Manual Encryption Mode via Canary Mail > Settings > Security > Encryption  Mode > Manual.

  1. To import your keys to Canary, you must first export them to your Android device from your current app / tool as a .asc file.
  2. After transferring the keys, open Key Manager in Canary for Android via Canary > Settings > Security > Encryption Mode > Manual > Keys:

3. Now, click on Import > Browse and select the keys you want to add to the Key Manager.

4. You can also create keys in Canary via Import > Generate Key.