How to Customize Your Mac Mail Toolbar for a Better User Experience

Customize your Mac Mail toolbar for a more efficient and personalized email experience. Our guide covers basic to advanced customization

How to Customize Your Mac Mail Toolbar for a Better User Experience

Customizing your Mac Mail toolbar can significantly enhance your email management experience. A well-organized toolbar not only makes your workflow more efficient but also adds a personal touch to your email client. This article will guide you through the various ways you can customize your Mac Mail toolbar.

Why Customize the Toolbar?

Efficiency and Productivity

Customizing your Mac Mail toolbar can save you valuable time. By having the most-used actions readily available, you can manage your emails more efficiently, saving clicks and reducing the time spent searching for specific functions.


Mac Mail allows you to tailor the toolbar according to your needs. Whether you prefer a minimalist setup or want quick access to a range of functions, customizing the toolbar lets you make Mac Mail truly yours.

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Basic Customization Steps

Showing or Hiding the Toolbar

The toolbar in Mac Mail can be either a useful tool or a distraction, depending on your workflow. To toggle its visibility, go to the ‘View’ menu at the top and select either ‘Show Toolbar’ to make it visible or ‘Hide Toolbar’ to remove it. This feature allows you to declutter your workspace when needed.

Adding and Removing Icons

The real power of Mac Mail’s toolbar lies in its customizability. To add or remove icons, right-click on an empty space on the toolbar and choose ‘Customize Toolbar.’ A new window will appear, displaying a variety of icons that you can drag and drop onto your toolbar. To remove an icon, simply drag it off the toolbar and it will disappear.

Rearranging Icons

Once you’ve added icons to your toolbar, you’re not stuck with their initial placement. You can rearrange them by clicking and dragging them to your preferred location on the toolbar. This allows you to organize the toolbar in a way that best suits your workflow.

Text and Icon Settings

Mac Mail offers flexibility in how the toolbar icons are displayed. You can choose to have just the icons, just the text, or both. To change these settings, right-click on the toolbar and select ‘Icon and Text,’ ‘Icon Only,’ or ‘Text Only.’ This allows you to customize the toolbar to match your visual preference, making it easier to find the functions you use most frequently.

Resetting the Toolbar

If you ever feel like you’ve over-customized and want to go back to the default settings, Mac Mail has you covered. Right-click on the toolbar and select ‘Customize Toolbar,’ then drag the default set from the bottom of the customization window to the toolbar. This will reset it to its original state, allowing you to start customizing anew.

Advanced Customization

Using Toolbar Modes

Mac Mail offers different toolbar modes that you can switch between according to your needs. Whether you prefer an icon-only setup or one that includes text descriptions, these modes offer added flexibility in how you interact with your email client.

Custom Actions and Shortcuts

For those who want to take customization to the next level, Mac Mail allows you to add custom actions and shortcuts to your toolbar. This feature can be particularly useful for users who have specific email management needs that go beyond the basic functions.

Tips and Tricks

Keyboard Shortcuts

In addition to customizing your toolbar, you can also use keyboard shortcuts for even faster email management. Combining these shortcuts with a well-organized toolbar can make your Mac Mail experience exceptionally efficient.

Third-Party Tools

There are third-party tools available that offer even more advanced customization options for Mac Mail. These tools can be a great addition if you’re looking to further tailor your email client to your specific needs.


Customizing your Mac Mail toolbar is not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating an email management system that works for you. With the right setup, you can make your email experience more efficient, personalized, and enjoyable.


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