Introducing Send Later: Schedule Emails with Canary Mail

Discover Canary Mail's 'Send Later' feature. Effortlessly schedule emails for improved productivity. Learn more in our guide!

Introducing Send Later: Schedule Emails with Canary Mail

In today’s fast-paced digital world, timing is everything, even in email communication. Canary Mail has just introduced a game-changing feature: ‘Send Later.’ This exciting addition allows you to compose emails and choose precisely when they are delivered to your recipients. Let’s delve into how this feature works and how it can enhance your email experience.

Why Send Later Matters?

Emails often pile up in your draft folder as you struggle to send them at the right moment. Maybe it’s an important work-related message you’d rather schedule for the next business day, or perhaps it’s a birthday greeting that you want to ensure arrives exactly when it should. ‘Send Later’ in Canary Mail takes care of these scenarios and more.

How Send Later Works in Canary Mail

Canary Mail Send Later UI

Canary Mail’s ‘Send Later’ feature is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. Here’s how you can start using it:

  1. Compose Your Email: Begin by crafting your email as you normally would. Write your message, add attachments, and address it to your recipient(s).
  2. Choose the Delivery Time: Once your email is ready, instead of hitting ‘Send’ right away, click on the ‘Send Later’ option. This feature enables you to choose the exact date and time when you want to send your email.
  3. Select the Timing: Canary Mail offers various pre-set options like ‘Tomorrow Morning’ or ‘Next Week,’ making it easy to schedule emails for common scenarios. Additionally, you can set a custom date and time if your needs are more specific.
  4. Review and Confirm: Double-check your chosen delivery time, review your email one last time, and hit ‘Send.’ Your email will now be placed in the ‘Scheduled’ folder, ready to be sent at your designated time.

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The Benefits of Send Later

  • Enhanced Productivity: Scheduling emails allows you to work more efficiently by composing emails when it suits you, even if the ideal sending time is different. This feature is especially useful for global communications, helping you reach your contacts at a time that’s convenient for them.
  • Improved Communication: Timing matters in communication, and sending emails at the right moment can make a significant difference. Whether it’s for business or personal messages, ‘Send Later’ ensures your emails arrive when they will have the most impact.
  • Time Zone Consideration: If your recipients are in different time zones, Canary Mail’s ‘Send Later’ takes the guesswork out of timing. You can schedule emails to reach them during their working hours, increasing the likelihood of prompt responses.
  • Reduced Clutter: Emails often pile up in your draft folder as you wait for the right moment to send them. With ‘Send Later’, your drafts stay organized, and your inbox remains clutter-free.
  • Meeting Deadlines: Scheduling emails helps you meet deadlines and commitments. Suppose you need to submit a report or assignment by a specific time. You can draft it in advance and schedule it to send precisely when it’s due, preventing last-minute rushes.
  • Early Morning Efficiency: Some users find themselves at their most productive during the early morning hours. With ‘Send Later,’ you can capitalize on this productivity by drafting emails the night before and scheduling them to send during your most productive time, maximizing your impact.
  • Birthday and Anniversary Wishes: ‘Send Later’ is ideal for remembering special occasions. You can prepare birthday wishes or anniversary greetings ahead of time and schedule them to arrive on the exact date, ensuring you never miss an important celebration.
  • Avoiding Inbox Overload: Sending multiple emails at once can sometimes lead to an overload of responses in your inbox. Scheduling emails lets you space out your email delivery, ensuring a more manageable flow of responses.

Why Choose Canary Mail for Your Email Needs?

Canary Mail’s commitment to innovation is evident in its new feature to schedule emails for sending later. This addition aligns perfectly with Canary Mail’s mission to provide users with a superior email experience that’s both efficient and user-focused.

Canary Mail already boasts a range of impressive features. These include AI-driven productivity tools, end-to-end encryption, read receipts, and seamless cross-platform support. Now, with ‘Send Later,’ it solidifies its position. It becomes a top choice for those seeking a robust, user-centric email client.


The introduction of ‘Send Later’ is yet another example of how Canary Mail strives to enhance your digital communication experience. This feature empowers you to take control of your email timing, ensuring that you deliver messages precisely when they will have the greatest impact. Whether you’re managing international business communications or sending out birthday greetings, Canary Mail’s new feature to schedule emails is a game-changer in the world of email.

To start using this exciting feature and explore all that Canary Mail has to offer, download Canary Mail today and experience email management at its finest.

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