How To Organize Your Email Inbox and Not Get Overwhelmed

How To Organize Your Email Inbox and Not Get Overwhelmed

Learn how you can use Canary Mail's AI-empowered organizing tools for emails to boost productivity at work and reduce stress caused by email overload

Phoebe Brown

Phoebe Brown | Feb 21, 2023 | 4 mins read

If watching your email inbox load open each morning and being bombarded with emails is the worst part of your workday, you’re not alone. More and more people become filled with dread when they think of organizing their email inbox, but you don’t have to anymore!

With Canary Mail, you can place the aggravating task of wading through many emails coming into your inbox onto the capable shoulders of AI to help sort your inbox.

If you’ve used popular email providers, such as Gmail or Outlook, before, you know how cluttered your email inbox can get, even with the organization features these providers have now. Even with those features, emails quickly pile up, bogging down those important ones and making them hard to find and reply to amid all those useless newsletters and spam emails you get sent. Then there’s the issue of having multiple apps or websites open to staying updated on personal, school, or work email accounts.

Organizing your email inbox can be daunting, but the answer to all your woes is AI. With AI technology, Canary Mail is a tool that can become your co-pilot, even auto-pilot if you use our newest features to sort your inbox! Here are seven of Canary Mail’s best features to keep you productive and that inbox tidy.

Unified Inbox

Canary Mail’s primary feature is bringing all your inboxes into one unified inbox. With this feature, you get to see all your email accounts in one place; no more switching apps and websites for access to all your email accounts since most people have a secondary school or work account with a different provider.

Moreover, Canary Mail provides support for non-Gmail accounts, which is uncommon in most email clients. With Canary’s Quick Reply feature, you can quickly reply to any email without leaving the Canary application or website.

Smart Filters

Stressed out by spam and useless emails in your inbox hogging all the space? Canary Mail has powerful filtering capabilities that allow you to sort and prioritize your emails based on sender, subject, and other criteria.

While even classic email service providers filter emails to some extent, Canary Mail has Smart Filters using AI technology and machine learning. Canary will learn what you do and do not want to see, what subjects matter to you, and whose emails you’ll like to see first. All you’ll see in your email inbox will be only everything you want to see, nothing more, nothing less!

Follow-up Reminders

Canary Mail’s follow-up feature is the ultimate tool for busy professionals who are always on the go and need to stay on top of their email. So no more setting manual reminders for important emails you need to get back to, Canary does it automatically!

Canary’s newest feature detects which emails need to be followed up on and automatically reminds you to follow up if you haven’t received a reply using Natural Language Processing.

Organize your inbox smartly with Canary Mail

One of the great things about the follow-up reminder feature is that it works across all of the user’s devices, including their computer, phone, and tablet. This means that users can set reminders on their laptops and receive notifications on their phones, or vice versa.

Email Templates

If your job involves writing similar emails daily, Canary can help streamline your job and your life by creating email templates to save you time.

To create a template, go to Templates, create a new template, and write the text you will need to use in similar emails. Then compose a new email using that template whenever you need to. You can create your own templates for reports, pitches, guides, updates, etc.

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Smart Bulk Cleaner

Canary excels at helping you manage the sheer clutter everyone seems to accumulate in their emails nowadays. If those pesky newsletters, promotional emails, or other bulk emails have got your inbox close to exploding, use Canary’s innovative bulk mail handling feature. Created using advanced algorithms to identify and group similar emails, such as emails from the same sender, subject line, or identical content, you can perform various actions on the grouped emails simultaneously, such as archiving, deleting, or moving them to a specific folder.

The smart bulk email handling feature also includes a few other valuable tools. For example, you can also mute or unsubscribe from a group of emails, which can help manage unwanted or spammy emails. By automatically grouping similar emails, users can save time and reduce clutter in their inboxes, making your inbox much more organized.

Generative Email Writing

Generative Email Writing is the tool you have been waiting for when organizing your inbox. If you need help crafting the perfect email, or worrying about coming across with a different tone than you had in mind, then Canary Mail’s AI email writer is here to be your little helper.

Canary’s AI will ask you for some basic information and key points you want to send in the email and then work on crafting a perfectly polished email that sounds exactly like you. The best part is that this AI algorithm will improve from using your past email correspondence to craft perfectly tailored emails that are personalized to your needs and say precisely what you want.

Organize your inbox smartly with Canary Mail

Snooze Button

Ever have a pesky email you keep meaning to reply to, but you just don’t want to now? With Canary, you can just hit snooze. Literally. To get a reminder to come back to an email later, hit the snooze button, pick the time you want to be reminded and get on with those urgent emails.

Final Words

Organizing your email inbox doesn’t have to be a daunting task when you have the help of AI-powered Canary Mail. Try it today and watch your emails always hit the mark!

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Phoebe Brown
Phoebe Brown

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