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Canary Mail vs ProtonMail, Hushmail, Tutanota, and other secure email services

If you’re alarmed about email security in the wake of several massive hacks in the recent past (Yahoo alone lost 3 billion records), you’re probably looking for a more secure email option. Let’s face it – a password just won’t cut it in 2018 – and considering that some of your most important and personal information is in your Inbox, the potential for damage, loss, and misuse is too high.

If you’ve researched secure email services, you’ve probably come across ProtonMail, Hushmail, Tutanota, and several others. Many of these services offer end-to-end encryption when emailing other users who use the same service. End-to-end encryption means that your email is encrypted on your device and decrypted on your recipient’s device – at no point in the middle is the email readable, not even by the secure email provider.

Sounds great, right? However, there’s a couple of issues. You’d need to migrate to the new email provider – you can’t continue using your existing personal or company account. And secondly, for several of these secure email providers, you must use their app to be able to access email securely on your iPhone, iPad or other device. And these apps tend to be mediocre in terms of features, design, and usability. And finally, although some of them offer a free base tier, it tends to be severely restricted in terms of storage capacity, etc. To be able to use them as your main email account, you’d likely need to pay a monthly fee.

Which is why Canary is special – its an app, not a provider. This means that Canary lets you send encrypted emails via your favorite email provider, including Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, iCloud, or any other IMAP account. You can even send PGP encrypted emails from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, to any other PGP user, who may or may not be using Canary. With end-to-end encryption, your provider is no longer relevant – the emails won’t be readable on your provider’s web interface. This means that even if an intruder gets access to your Gmail account, all they’ll see is garbled text.

Canary’s features, design, and user experience goes far beyond other secure email apps that offer encryption – with security being equal, this is what matters in the long run – crunching emails securely and effortlessly on a daily basis.

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