Why is Canary not Open Source?

Why is Canary not Open Source?

Canary Mail team firmly believes in the merits of the Open Source Software (OSS) philosophy. We think it is the best way to ensure transparency and scrutiny of all aspects of the codebase to continually vet and enhance the quality, efficiency, and security of any app.

Since Canary Mail leverages open source libraries for implementing email sync, encryption, and various other functionality, Canary’s code is already open source to a large extent. For example, we use MailCore2JavaMailexchangelibBouncy Castle, etc.

Currently, most of the UI layer and certain proprietary functionality are not open-source for competitive reasons. We expect to transition to OSS once we have legal and other protections in place to safeguard the Intellectual Property that we have invested years in creating, and which we believe is at the cutting-edge of the highly competitive email app market.

Click here for more information on Canary’s privacy features & policies: https://canarymail.io/privacy.html