Using Email Aliases in Canary Mail

Canary Mail empowers you to take control of your email identity with aliases. Think of them as pseudonyms for your primary email address, offering increased privacy and organization for your inbox.

Canary Mail supports aliases for Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, and a wide range of other email providers. You can create as many aliases as you need to manage your digital life effectively.

Getting Started with Aliases in Canary Mail

Before diving in, ensure your aliases are already configured within your email provider’s settings. Here’s a quick guide for Gmail and iCloud (check your provider’s instructions for others):

Adding an Alias to Canary Mail

  1. Open Canary Mail and navigate to Settings.
  2. Select Accounts and choose the email account where you want to add the alias.
  3. Tap Aliases and then Add Alias.
  4. Enter a descriptive Alias Name and the corresponding Email Address (ensure it matches the one you created within your email provider’s settings).
  5. Click Create to finalize the process.

Composing emails from your alias

When crafting a new email, simply tap on your email address displayed in the ‘From’ field. A dropdown menu will appear, allowing you to effortlessly select the ideal alias for the specific recipient.

Bonus Tip: Make a frequently used alias your default under Settings > Accounts > Choose the email account > Aliases > choose your preferred alias as default.

Using alias in Canary

Craft emails that suit the occasion, keep your inbox organized, and shield your primary address from unwanted attention. Take control of your email experience today!