Setting Up Manual Encryption Mode on macOS

Setting Up Manual Encryption Mode on macOS

Add, import, transfer, search & manage existing PGP keys via Canary’s Key Manager

You must use the Manual encryption mode in Canary if:

  1. You plan on using your existing PGP keys generated via other apps / tools such as GPGTools, Symantec Encryption Desktop etc
  2. You plan on sending and receiving encrypted emails to / from users who do not use Canary

On macOS, you can select Manual mode during app onboarding, or via Canary Mail > Preferences > Security.

To import your keys to Canary, you must first export them from your current app / tool as a .asc file. For example, you can do this via GPG Keychain as follows:

  1. Select keys you’d like to transfer to Canary
  2. Click Export (doing this will only save a copy, your keys will still remain in GPG Keychain)

3. Select checkbox to include private keys (necessary for each mail account you will be sending emails from, via Canary)
4. Click Save

To import the keys to Canary for Mac:

Open Key Manager via Prefs > Security> Keys:

Click on Import (top left corner) and select the .asc file exported in the previous step

Via Key Manager in Canary for Mac, you can:

  • See ‘Public’, ‘Secret’, or ‘Both’ next to each key, depending on which keys have been successfully imported
  • Associate a key to an email account by clicking on the ‘None’ button and selecting your mail account
  • Delete a key by clicking on the Trash icon, or by selecting multiple keys and hitting Delete on the keyboard
  • Import or export keys via the respective buttons
  • Search for public keys via the Search bar
  • Click the + button to generate new keys

That’s it – you can now send and receive encrypted emails to other PGP users using your existing PGP keys, via Canary!