Save Time with Instant Reply

Canary Mail’s Instant Reply helps you respond to emails quickly and efficiently, available for both Mac and iOS devices. This feature takes the hassle out of crafting responses, letting you zip through your inbox faster.

What is Instant Reply?

When you open an email, Canary Mail’s Instant Reply automatically generates a full reply that is ready to send. Our advanced AI technology evaluates the content of the email and crafts a response that is relevant and appropriate. You are presented with three carefully curated reply options, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

How to Use Instant Reply:

  1. Open an email in Canary Mail.
  2. Look at the email content. You’ll see three suggested replies.

3. Choose a reply:

  • Hover your pointer over any of the suggestions to preview the full email content. Clicking on any of the suggestions will open the compose window.

4. You can edit the suggested reply before sending it.

Benefits of Instant Reply:

  • Saves your time by generating draft replies.
  • Helps you craft clear and professional responses.
  • Reduces stress by streamlining your email workflow.

Additional Tips:

  • Review the suggested replies before sending.
  • You can personalize the reply to fit your specific message.

We hope this helps you streamline your email workflow and conquer your inbox with Canary Mail’s Instant Reply feature!