iOS Preferences in Canary Mail

iOS Preferences in Canary Mail

Configure your iOS app based on your preferences.

1) Accounts

The Accounts section lists the email accounts you’ve added to Canary and provides access to settings for each. You may also add more accounts through the Add Account option. You can add an unlimited number of email accounts to Canary. 

2) Copilot

Copilot learns from your email habits and highlights the emails most important to you. ‘Copilot for Inbox’ allows you to smartly prioritize your emails and events. If you don’t wish to include newsletters in ‘Copilot for Inbox’, you can toggle ON ‘Exclude Newsletters’.

‘Copilot for Compose’ can write all your emails for you in your own writing style.

3) Security

The security section allows you to secure your emails with encryption & change Encryption Mode, Protect App Access, Load Remote Content (Load Remote Content will not load remote images, but inline images that are included in the email data will load.), Analytics.

4) Notifications

The Notifications section allows you to change notification type, turn on Smart Notification and change notification sound as per your preference.

You can choose between Push and Fetch notifications. Push notifications displays a pop-up message to alert you of an activity in real-time. Use Push if you want real-time notifications, otherwise Fetch will download new emails when you’re connected to the internet. You can find more information here.

5) Cross-Device Sync


6) Swipe Actions

Swipe Actions lets you configure swipes to easily archive, delete, set to snooze, move, etc. an email in the thread list.

You can edit the swipe actions via Canary > Settings > Swipe Actions > Tap on an action and select another action that is to be replaced.

7) Thread Actions

The Thread Action lets you set different actions like pin, snooze, archive, move etc.

You can edit the thread actions via Canary > Settings > Thread Actions > Tap on Actions you want to change

8) Snooze Times

The Snooze Times allows you to manage snooze timings. It temporarily removes emails from your inbox until a certain time that you need them. Select the time you want the email to appear in your Inbox. To set the date manually, start typing the needed date.

9) After Archive / Delete

The After Archive / Delete actions will allow you to set actions after archive and delete.

Reading and Composing

1) In Appearance you can set the icon of your app to Light or Dark, Preview lines, enable Avatars option to display the Avatars of your contacts, change Account Color and Email viewer theme.

2) The Language section allows you to change languages. 

3) You can change Default Browser to Safari or in-app.

4) Organize by Thread means that a message and all of its replies will be grouped together, rather than appearing in chronological order interspersed with all other messages.

5) The Signature feature allows you to add, edit and delete Signatures you use for your email accounts. 

6) You can use Templates to save and reuse frequently sent emails.

7) Read Receipts will notify you when the receiver has read your email.

8) Compose Suggestions will suggest your frequently used email addresses in the ‘To’ field.