Key Servers

Key Servers

A key server is a computer that receives and then serves existing cryptographic keys to users or other programs. The users’ programs can be running on the same network as the key server or on another networked computer.                                                                                                                             

Key Servers allows you to specify your preferred key server(s) that support HKPS. All user devices will automatically point to the key servers specified here.

1) To add a new Key Server, mention the Server Name and Server URL under Add Server.

2) Users can upload their public key to the key servers you’ve specified via Encryption > Key Servers via the built-in key manager. 

Any key servers specified under Encryption > Key Servers will be used in order. So if a public key is found on multiple servers, the first server in the list to have the key will take preference over other servers lower in the list. The keys you add under Encryption > Key Management will always take first priority.

Note – Canary Mail searches for the Encryption keys from the following locations:

  1. Public key on device
  2. Secret key on device
  3. Public key on servers (Enterprise key server & Servers added in Encryption > Key Management)