How is SPAM handled in Canary?

How is SPAM handled in Canary?

Handling spam is an increasingly present part of the email delivery process. Every email provider has dedicated filters to protect users from spam and abuse, but not all spam filters function the same way. These filters determine if the email will pass through and reach your inbox or stay in the spam folder. 

How does Canary Mail handle SPAM?

Currently, Canary does not have its own spam filters. While handling spam, Canary relies on the spam filter of your email provider like Gmail, Outlook, etc. So if your email provider considers email spam, so will Canary.

For instance, if you use a Gmail account, the spam is managed by Gmail algorithms and on Gmail servers. If you use iCloud, it’s on iCloud’s technologies to detect and block junk mail. Canary syncs with your email provider server but doesn’t affect the spam filters. 

How to resolve the issue of spam not being filtered properly?

If your server doesn’t detect junk mail properly, we recommend creating your own spam filters. This can be usually done on the website of your email provider or in a dedicated app if there is any.

For example, here is how to create a filter in Gmail.