Does Canary Mail make any outgoing requests?

Does Canary Mail make any outgoing requests?

Canary takes your privacy very seriously. Here you will find information on outgoing requests that Canary makes during normal use, including the purpose of the request, whether any personal info is involved, and how you can change Settings to turn off specific requests (if applicable).

Note that all of the following requests & services are GDPR-compliant. You can review legitimate use & other information here.

macOS & iOS

  1. & – Facilitate the implementation and cross-device syncing of certain features such as read-tracking. No personal info sent.
  2., & – Understand app / feature usage & user retention. Anonymized IP & data only available in aggregate. Can be disabled via Settings > Security > Analytics.
  3. – Accurate time used for correct sorting and syncing of emails. No personal info sent.
  4. – Crash reporting. Crash reports do not contain any personal data such as names, email addresses, or IP addresses.
  5. – Avatars. No personal info sent. Can be disabled via Settings > Appearance > Avatars.


  1. – Check for new beta builds (beta channel only). No personal info is sent.
  2. – Used for enriching contact information, if available from public sources. Requests are routed via Canary’s proxy server, your IP is not revealed to any third parties.

iOS & Android

  1. – Install attribution which helps understand effectiveness of inbound marketing campaigns via Apple’s privacy-friendly SKAdNetwork method.
  2. – Canary’s Push notifications server that notifies you of new incoming emails. To check for new incoming email directly from your device, use Fetch instead. Note that in Fetch mode Canary may send a periodic unsubscribe request to ensure your preferred notifications method is synced correctly.


  • – Push notifications and emails for onboarding new users.


  • – If you use Copilot for Compose, you may see connections to We use cutting-edge models from top-tier AI providers such as OpenAI, Cohere, etc. When you compose or reply to an email using Copilot, instructions and relevant email text will be sent via API to these providers to generate new email text on the cloud. However, no information is retained or saved on the cloud, and models are not trained on your data. You can choose to disable Copilot via Settings > Copilot > Copilot for Compose.