Can’t Add Office365/Exchange Account

Can’t Add Office365/Exchange Account

1) How to add account

  • If you want to add an Office365 account, then add it using Office365 under the ‘Add Account’ option. If it doesn’t work, then add it using Exchange account. If none of the above works, then add it using IMAP option under ‘Other’

2) Make sure your account supports IMAP/SMTP or EWS protocol

  • Canary doesn’t support Exchange ActiveSync and POP3 protocols. You can contact the IT administrator at your organization to ask what protocol is used for your Exchange account. 
  • If your account uses Exchange ActiveSync or POP3, please ask your administrator if it’s possible to change the protocol.

2) Ask the administrator about the server version

  • Your Exchange server should have the 2010 Service Pack or newer. If your server has an older version, please consider updating it and discuss this possibility with your network administrator.

3) Make sure you submit the needed login details

  • If you have two-step verification enabled, you may see an error message while connecting to Canary. If you’re using Office365, please use the Office365 option in the Add Account screen since Canary supports two-step verification & MFA for Office365 accounts via OAuth2. If you have a custom Exchange provider, please generate an app-specific password to connect an account with two-step enabled and use that password to log into Canary.

4) In case Autodiscover is not working for your account, please specify the correct endpoint: