How do I Attach File/s in Canary on Android?

How do I Attach File/s in Canary on Android?

Follow the below-mentioned guide to attach files in Canary Mail on Android Devices:

1. While writing or replying to an email, tap on the attachment icon on the top right corner.  

2. To attach images in Android devices, tap on Add Photo > Select the photo you want to share.
Note: Note that images will be attached inline and not as attachments. 

3. To attach file/s or PDF’s, tap on Add File > Select the file you want to attach on your Android device. To choose files from a different location, tap the menu icon at the top left and select where to upload the files from (e.g. Gallery or Google Drive).

Note: Canary uses an attachment size limit reported by the server. If your files are larger, we recommend you upload them to cloud storage and paste the link in your email.

  • To remove an image, bring the cursor at the end of the image and hit backspace. 
  • To remove the attached file, tap the cross icon on it.