Achieve Inbox Zero with Canary Mail: The Ultimate Guide

We are excited to introduce our latest feature designed to help you manage your emails more efficiently and maintain a clutter-free inbox. With the new “Mark as Done” feature, reaching Inbox Zero is simpler and more achievable than before. This feature helps you achieve a sense of calm and control over your inbox.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Select emails: Open Canary on either iOS or macOS device. Choose all the emails you want to mark as “Done.” You can select individual emails, or use the handy “Select All” function to tackle your entire inbox at once.

Additional tip:

Achieving inbox zero doesn’t require marking every email as done. You can move, delete, or take any action that helps you clear your inbox. Once there are no emails left in your inbox, you’ve successfully reached inbox zero!

2. Mark as Done: With your emails selected, simply tap the “Mark as Done” button. This will remove all selected emails from your inbox view, achieving Inbox Zero.

Benefits of Marking Emails as Done:

  • Reduced inbox clutter: Achieve a cleaner and more manageable inbox, promoting focus and reducing stress.
  • Prioritization: By removing dealt-with emails, you can easily identify and prioritize what truly requires your attention.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing your inbox is under control provides a sense of accomplishment and frees up mental space.

Important Note:

  • Marking emails as “Done” doesn’t delete them. They’re simply archived for future reference, should you need to revisit them. You can access your archived emails through the “Done” folder.

Start using the “Inbox Zero” feature today and experience the power of a streamlined and organized email experience. Remember, a calm inbox leads to a calmer you!