Tips to Write Emails That Get Quick Replies

How to write personal and professional emails that get quick replies using a high-end AI-powered email writer

Tips to Write Emails That Get Quick Replies

In 2024, more than 347 billion emails are sent back and forth daily, so there’s no denying that emailing is an essential part of our days, whether in our personal, work or school lives.

Sending emails cannot be replaced with a text, phone, or Zoom call. They have their specific purpose, especially in professional settings. Emails are preferred to allow for record-keeping and traceability or to have longer chain emails to keep multiple people in the loop.

However, everyone knows the impatience of waiting to reply to your email. Many people get frustrated when their emails get no reply; it could be that your addressee is procrastinating replying to emails (you know you do it too!), or perhaps your email is just not doing what it needs to get a quick reply.

Here are a few things to keep in mind the next time you send an email:

First Impressions Matter

Subject lines are the windows to the soul of your email; they can make or break the chance of your email even being opened if you’re emailing someone who gets tons of emails daily.

This is why, to get a quick answer back, your subject should convey exactly the purpose of your email and reflect the contents of your email.

Your email doesn’t necessarily have to grab the recipient’s attention, so be sure not to go overboard. It should state your purpose in as few words as possible and make a positive first impression, and if it is your first email to someone, explain who you are in relation to the recipient.

If your matter is time-sensitive, include that in the subject, but only if it is urgent.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Can you imagine going through emails in your busy workday if every email took you minutes to read? That would take hours out of your day! Since research has shown that most emails are not even read but skimmed or deleted, the key is to keep emails short and focused on the point at hand.

As a rule of thumb, take Guy Katz’s advice in his TEDxZurich Talk, and keep your emails as brief as a tweet. Keeping emails contained to 40 to 70 words is crucial since an email with more than 40 has a reduced chance of being answered.

For emails that are difficult to get under the 70-word limit, try converting your text into bullet points for easier reading, or include an attachment with the extra information.

As a tip, use Canary Mail’s AI email writer to develop a short, to-the-point email; provide it with the relevant info, and you are good to go with a well-crafted, short email!

Get Friendly

How to use AI email writer to get quick replies

One of the easiest and most effective ways to get an answer to your email is to personalize it based on the recipient. Not only does this establish familiarity and connection, but it also shows that you are dedicated to getting an answer-back and value them.

When emailing to apply for an employment position, interview or sales pitch, start with the recipient’s name instead of a measly “to whom it may concern” to establish an acquaintanceship.

If you are emailing someone for the first time, introduce yourself and how you know the recipient when using their name to avoid any awkwardness. However, spell it correctly, or all your effort into building a good impression is ruined.

Another way to guarantee an answer back is to stay friendly and polite. Encouraging language, such as saying thank you in advance when asking for a favor, increases the chances of a quick reply.

Set The Scene

One of the best ways to have your email be unanswered is to write a vague or overly blunt email. Make sure to provide all relevant background information when sending an email, especially to a new recipient, and especially when asking for a favor or following up from an in-person conversation, so your recipient can get on the same page without having to wrack their memory.

Make A Request

How to use AI email writer to get quick replies

Making a request may seem counteractive to getting a quick reply, but it usually helps to expedite the process. If your email concerns something you want to be done, end with a clear call to action. If the request you’re making is a big one, let your recipient get on board by fulfilling a minor request, such as requesting a date for an in-person meeting or asking them to respond by a specific date.

Add Some Structure and Shape

Reading email after email can get strenuous and boring since most emails are written in a bland, lifeless format. Emails that are less readable to a recipient are usually shaped like a novel with blocks of text.

To make emails more readable, add shape. Create smaller paragraphs, add bullet points and add a variety of punctuation.

Punctuation can make your emails pop! Add commas, colons, semi-colons and exclamation marks to convey your tone and write more engaging emails!

Last Impressions Also Matter

Your sign-off to an email creates a lasting impression. Put your ending remarks and other crucial information in the P.S., and end the email with an appropriate email sign-off. Ensure you don’t use a too-casual sign-off professionally, but be polite and cordial. Some all-time favorites and effortless sign-offs that are neutral but polite are:

  • Sincerely
  • Regards
  • Best

Follow Up

If you are still waiting to receive a response within a reasonable time, do not hesitate to follow up on your last email with a polite reminder. What follows ups do is show that you are passionate about whatever you were emailing about and remind your recipient, in case they still need to reply to your email for whatever reason.


Emailing can be daunting because of the uncertainty of getting a reply, especially when reaching out to someone new for a job application or professional favor. With these tips, you can be sure to increase your chances and get prompt replies to all your future email correspondence.

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