All about Email Aliases

Information regarding email aliases and their uses; and how Canary Mail helps employ email aliases. privacy and productivity

All about Email Aliases

Email aliases are additional email addresses that can be used to safeguard your confidentiality, prevent spam, and maintain inbox organization. 

Your email id is a crucial component of your online identity. You don’t give it to anyone you cross paths with, much as your contact number.

Having additional email accounts that you can use for multiple uses is helpful for this reason. You might not, however, want the inconvenience of maintaining several email accounts, each requiring a separate login. Aliases are useful in this situation.

What exactly are email aliases?

Rather than using your own email address, you can use an alias with your current email ID. Similar to an actual alias, an email alias is a different name you can be discovered by. 

How can an alias be made in Canary Mail?

In CanaryMail you can create via Canary > Preferences. To quickly send personal or business emails multiple times a day from the same alias, you can also set an alias as default. Learn more.

How to send an email from an alias?

Sending mail using an alias is simple after you’ve created one. Just  click the From field and select the email address you wish to use in the compose pane.

You may also choose an alias as your default mailing address, which will display in the From field when you compose a new email.

How can aliases help your business?

Aliases are not exclusively for private usage. They’re a terrific method to keep your work mailbox organized, particularly if you’re managing a startup and taking on many roles.

Let’s say you are Alice and you own a cafe (A1 Cafe). For consumers to contact you, you may use aliases like [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected].

The addresses can be given to any employee in your company. Additionally, you may easily move the alias to the email account of whoever assumes the employee’s previous role if they switch jobs.

Alternatively, you might use an alias, such as [email protected], for a specific sales initiative. Since you can simply delete or deactivate the alias once the initiative is complete, it makes it simple to trace the mail for that initiative.

Email aliases for privacy and productivity

Aliases can simplify your internet experience. Aliases are a brilliant way of regulating your inbox, whether you want a few for your emails or an entire series for a product or a company.

Download Canary Mail to test out aliases with our PGP (end to end) encryption feature. Canary’s features, design, and user experience go far beyond other secure email apps that offer encryption – with security being equal, this is what matters in the long run – crunching emails securely and effortlessly on a daily basis.

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