How do I Attach File/s in Canary on Windows?

How do I Attach File/s in Canary on Windows?

Files can be attached in two different ways in emails on Windows Devices:

1) As attachments

2) Inline.

Canary Mail for Windows only displays actual inline images as inline.

Adding file/s as attachments:

1. While writing or replying to an email, click on the attachment icon. 

2. Choose the files you want to attach. To select multiple files at once, hold CTRL.

3. Click Open

Note: Canary uses an attachment size limit reported by the server. If your files are larger, we recommend you upload them to cloud storage and paste the link in your email.

4. To remove the attached file, click on the cross icon.

Adding inline attachments:

1. Choose Attachments as usual.

2. Drag and drop the attachments to the body of an email.