Customizing Canary Sidebar & Navigation Bar on Windows

Customizing Canary Sidebar & Navigation Bar on Windows

Moving a contact to Favorite folder

1. To include certain senders in your Favorites list, select it from the sidebar and click on the Heart icon shown below. 

2. The selected emails will be moved to the Favorites list on the sidebar as shown below.

3. To remove a sender from your Favorites list,  click on the sender’s contact profile you have hearted and undo it.

Moving a Message to Starred Folder

1. To move the message into starred folder right click on message and select Star from menu. You can find your star message in starred folder. You can also star a message using swipe actions.

2. To remove a message from Starred folder go to starred folder and click on message and select remove star from menu as shown below.

Rearranging Folders

1. Rearrange your folders in the order that you like. Select the folder you want to move as shown below.

2. Drag and drop the folder in the position you want to move it.