Active Users

Active Users

Active users shows the list of users of your Organization.

1) You can invite new user(s) to your Organization via User Management > Active Users > +.

2) Users can be invited by importing a CSV file or adding them manually, as shown below:

3) Invited users will receive a ‘Getting Started’ email with a link to download Canary.

4) This is a deep link that will automatically activate their license for Android & iOS. For macOS, they must click on the ‘Activate’ button when viewing the email in Canary, to activate the license. 

5) Thus, after the license is activated, the user will be added to your Organization, and will be listed under User Management > Active Users.

6) Also, clicking on any user will allow the Admin to view and manage the user’s info, view the Device used, its Device ID etc. It will also provide an option to Re-send Invitation in case it has not been received by the user.

7) Selecting the users will allow you to delete them in bulk.