10K+ incredibly excited beta testers ..
  • Canary is a worthy successor to SPARROW!
  • This seems like the MAILBOX for Mac that we all wanted!
  • Canary is the BEST email client ever on OSX.
  • Man is the syncing and overall response in Canary FAST!
  • All I can say is that wow, the app is just BEAUTIFUL!

.. say Canary is the best email client for Mac since Sparrow and Mailbox

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Canary Mail

Simple, Secure, Stunning
Email Client for Mac & iOS

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email done right

Simple, Secure, Stunning

Canary is an exciting new email client for Mac and iOS with one key difference - your emails are not stored on a 3rd party server. Unlike other apps / services, using Canary is not contingent on providing access to your data.

Every facet of Canary has been designed in accordance with our core philosophy of ensuring complete user privacy and offering reliable & snappy performance, across every popular IMAP provider.

The result is an elegant mail app that seamlessly integrates powerful features, and is a joy to use.

Email Client
For Mac & iOS

Universal IMAP Client for Mac & iOS

Supercharge your Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo, or any other IMAP account!

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Read Tracking

Get notified instantly when your email is read!

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Email Snooze

Reduce clutter in your Inbox & deal with emails at your convenience!

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Attachments Browser

Instantly find any file ever sent or received!

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  • What will Canary cost & how do you make money?

    Canary will have both free and paid versions when we launch on the App Store.

  • How do I provide feedback and / or get support?

    You can Tweet or email us via the in-app Help menu.

  • Do my emails pass through your or a 3rd party server?

    No. Canary does not store any user data (including credentials, access tokens, emails, etc) on our server.

  • Do you store any data at all on your server?

    We store tracking pixels (no personally identifiable info), for a limited time, if read tracking is enabled. None otherwise.

  • Which email providers does Canary support?

    Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Outlook, Office 365, Exchange (IMAP), FastMail, Zoho, Yandex, and most other IMAP providers.

  • Where can I see who’s read my emails?

    You should see checkmarks next to emails sent via Canary in the Sent folder, as well as in the Activity Stream (glasses icon in the top bar).

  • Why is the glasses icon blue?

    It means someone has read your email, or there is a new version available.

  • How do I update the app?

    Canary -> Check for Updates

  • How do I toggle light/dark themes?

    By default, Canary will switch to light and dark themes automatically based on the time of day. You can also set themes manually via Window -> Appearance

  • How do I customize keyboard shortcuts?

    Preferences -> General -> Keyboard Shortcuts

  • I don’t see any emails or my emails won’t send..

    You’ve likely hit your provider’s session limit - try signing out of other clients / devices and try again in a couple of minutes.

  • I don’t see emails sent via Canary in my Sent folder..

    Enable ‘Copy to Sent’ via Preferences -> Accounts.

  • I love Canary - is there something I can do to support you?

    Yes! You can help spread the word by Tweeting or sharing on Facebook, or you can email us and tell us what you like best about Canary and how you can help us improve - eg better design (logo / website / icons), media outreach, etc!