Canary Mail

Easy, Elegant, Email Client for Mac (Beta)


All I can say is that wow, the app is just beautiful!


[Canary] is REALLY nice. This may finally be a worthy successor to Sparrow.


I am really enjoying it. It just... works!


[Canary] is by far one of the best, if not the best, email client ever on OS X.


This seems like the Mailbox for Mac that we all wanted!


Ms. Minimalist and Mr. Feature-Rich  finally got married! Kudos, Canary Mail team!


Very pretty and very fast! I like it!


I must say that the Canary Mail team puts almost every other development shop to shame. The speed with which you are iterating on Canary Mail is astounding!


The ease of deleting, archiving, etc. is amazing!! Just what I've been looking for, you guys are awesome!


This is a compelling app and one that’s pleasant to use. Nice job!


Thanks for creating such a fabulous email client. It’s rapidly becoming my fave and I’ve used just about everyone of them since the early beta’s of Mail.


As an early adopter of Canary, I’ve been extremely impressed with its overall UX, UI, visual design and just as important, with the developers who’ve done an incredible job communicating, iterating, fixing, tweaking and constantly releasing updates to make Canary the best email client on the market!


Much applause .. [Canary] has seamlessly become part of my everyday routine!


I have been using Canary as my default mail client with 5 accounts. I'm really liking it. Fast and light. Nice UI design.


Man is the syncing and overall response in CanaryMail fast!


Amazing how polished Canary looks.


I am a huge fan of how every version works better and smoother.



Read Tracking

Canary notifies you instantly when your email is read.

Email Snooze

Declutter your Inbox in an instant and deal with emails at your convenience.

Unified Inbox

Canary features a unified inbox and supports Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, FastMail & universal IMAP.

Fully Local

Your emails are encrypted and stored locally and securely on your Mac, not on an online server.

Gmail Labels & Filters

Canary supports labels & social/promotional email segregation that Gmail users love.

Attachments Browser

Quickly find, download, and open every file that you've ever sent or received.

Quick Reply

Compose at the speed of thought with inline replies and direct keyboard shortcuts for your favorite contacts.

Powerful Search

Instantly find an email with powerful predicate-based search that works even when you're offline.

Amazing Performance

Canary is engineered to offer an incredibly snappy user experience, with minimal CPU & RAM use.

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