• New: Support for Elgamal keys
• Various performance and stability improvements


• New: Additional languages. Help improve translations here: https://goo.gl/sZrMor
• New: Warning if sending an unencrypted email in response to an encrypted email
• Fix: Multi-select actions may not work
• Fix: Archive folder may be missing for certain Exchange accounts


• New: Dark mail viewer
• New: HTML templates
• Fix: Folders may not load correctly after Purge
• Fix: Items may not empty from trash for Exchange accounts
• Fix: Autosave may not work correctly for Exchange accounts
• Fix: Certain Exchange servers may cause a crash in some situations
• Fix: Keychain error may lead to Re-Index loop
• Fix: IDLE may stop working for Gmail accounts in some situations
• Stability fixes


• Fix: Improved syncing for Yahoo
• Fix: Move may fail for Gmail in certain situations
• Fix: Much faster moves for Outlook, Yahoo, etc
• Fix: Some emails encrypted via other apps / services may not decrypt correctly
• Fix: Exchange: Primary folders may not map properly
• Fix: Exchange: Much faster syncing
• Fix: Exchange: Improved folder parsing
• Fix: Exchange: Sending may not work for certain exchange servers
• Stability fixes


• New: Native Exchange Support
• Fix: Issue when adding multiple exchange accounts
• Fix: High CPU usage when IDLE is triggered for exchange
• Fix: Exchange operations may block other accounts until finished
• Fix: Improved formatting for security options for Exchange
• Fix: Account colors may change over time
• Fix: Changes to account settings may not save correctly
• Fix: Contacts from address book may not get mapped correctly
• Fix: Disk activity optimization
• Memory fixes
• Stability fixes


• New: Stronger database encryption for local storage
• New: Allow loading PGP keyrings with invalid packets
• New: Auto-detect crash loops and allow re-indexing
• Fix: Hangs/lags in 10.13.3+
• Fix: Database corruption in certain situations
• Fix: Revoked keys may not migrate in certain situations
• Fix: Permission required when connecting to insecure servers
• Security fixes


• New: Ability to edit hyperlinks in Compose
• Fix: Scrolling may not work in Markdown composer
• Fix: Undo may not work in Markdown
• Fix: Clicking on search suggestion may not work
• Fix: Account validation popup replaced with account status
• Fix: New mail may not trigger notifications in some situations
• Fix: Moving emails from trash to Inbox may not work correctly
• Fix: Improved Inbox refresh behavior
• Various stability fixes


• New: Account colors for Mac that sync with iOS
• Fix: Save All Attachments may be disabled in some situations
• Fix: Disabling an account may not sync correctly
• Fix: Opening emails from To-do may not load properly
• Fix: To-do list may show empty threads in some situations


• New: Markdown support
• New: Ability to rename folders
• New: Search within emails with Cmd + F
• New: Ability to search for auto-generated public keys via key manager
• Fix: Email addresses and other content inside <> may not show in email body
• Fix: Ability to abort sending email in case of failure
• Fix: Double-clicking send shouldn’t send email twice
• Fix: Improved account validation popup behavior
• Fix: Exporting keys via Key Manager may not work in some situations


• New: Option to select Follow-Up time within Compose
• New: Show all follow-up emails in the follow-up pane, but dim the ones not due yet
• New: Ability to dismiss follow-up thread(s)
• New: Option to limit connections to prevent hitting server limits
• Fix: Clicking on a to-do item may not work in some situations
• Fix: Creating folders may not work in some situations
• Fix: Compose window gets too wide if encryption status is long
• Fix: Crash when reading PGP keys
• Fix: PGP compatibility improvements
• Stability fixes


• New: Trello / Kanban style To-Do and Follow-Up dashboard (accessible via Activity icon)
• New: Email follow-up reminders
• New: Cross-account Move (experimental)
• New: Support for inline PGP messages
• Fix: Message may not render in some situations
• Fix: Improved autocomplete in Compose
• Fix: Copy email address should only copy email
• Fix: Saved Searches may not sync correctly
• Fix: Selecting from suggested searches may not work correctly
• Fix: App may freeze when opening emails
• Fix: Unsupported PGP keys may cause other keys to not be saved
• Fix: Fastmail server settings update


• New: PGP compatibility with Posteo
• Fix: Editing recipients in Compose may not work correctly
• Fix: Avatar preference may not be respected in some situations
• Fix: Quicklook may not work via right-click menu
• Fix: Reply All should not include Aliases for current account
• Stability and security enhancements


• New: Handoff support - now you can open an email on iPhone and continue reading it on your Mac and vice versa (must have Handoff enabled on both devices)
• New: Option to disable Analytics
• Fix: Reply-To value may not be respected
• Fix: PGP security enhancements
• Fix: Forwarding an encrypted email did not forward attachments
• Fix: Decryption errors in certain situations
• Fix: Quicklook may not work for attachments in encrypted emails
• Stability fixes


• New: Seamless automatic end-to-end encryption when sending emails to other Canary users
• Fix: Sending may not work for Outlook accounts in some situations
• Fix: Fetching may take long the first time an account is added
• Fix: Images pasted into signatures may not appear correctly in Canary
• Fix: Clearer notice when trying to login to iCloud with two-factor enabled
• Various stability fixes


• New: Autosave for Drafts
• Fix: Incorrect time may be displayed for event invites
• Fix: Move To shouldn’t trigger if destination is not selected
• Fix: Starred emails may not appear in Starred folder
• Fix: Remove labels by clicking on the x within the label in the thread header
• Fix: Email(s) shouldn’t be sent multiple times
• Fix: Data detection shouldn’t be triggered for URL text
• Fix: Manually Mark as Read may not work in some situations
• Note: Support for macOS 10.10.x will be deprecated in future releases


• New: iCloud sync will now keep accounts in sync across devices (only after updating to V330+ on Mac and V126+ on iOS)
• Fix: Pasting images into Compose and Signature edit box may not work
• Fix: Some images may not load correctly
• Fix: Validate popups shouldn’t be shown multiple times if login succeeds
• Fix: App may not connect correctly on launch / wake from sleep
• Fix: PGP decryption may not work for Symantec Encryption Desktop
• Fix: Summary in email list may contain HTML debris
• Fix: Unread flags may flash on launch
• Various stability fixes