Canary Mail Pricing

At Canary Mail, we offer a flexible pricing structure to provide you with the best email experience across all your devices. Here’s a breakdown of how Canary Mail’s pricing works:

1. Separate Purchases for Different Versions

  • If you want to use Canary Mail on multiple platforms, you’ll need to make separate purchases for each individual platform. These platforms include iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows.

2. iOS

  • Purchasing Canary Pro for iOS covers all iOS devices (including iPhone and iPad) that share the same App Store account.

3. macOS

  • To use Canary on macOS, you’ll need a separate purchase that is valid for all your macOS devices using the same App Store account.

4. iOS + macOS Bundle

  • If you intend to use Canary Pro on both iOS and macOS devices, you have the option to purchase the ‘iOS + macOS’ bundle. This bundle grants you access to Canary Pro features on both iOS and macOS without paying twice.
  • Please note that this purchase does not include Android. For using Canary Pro on Android, you’ll have to purchase Canary Pro for Android separately.

5. Android

  • For using Canary Pro on Android, you’ll have to purchase a separate license via the Play Store. This is valid for multiple Android devices using the same Play Store account.
  • Downloading the app on other Android devices under the same Play Store account will automatically restore your purchase.

6. Canary for Windows

  • Canary for Windows is currently free.
  • Thus, you may simply download the app and use Canary Pro on Windows at no charge.

The price per OS is mentioned below:

‘iOS + macOS’ bundle$34.99/year$99.99

If you wish to purchase Canary Mail Enterprise, please visit this link.

You can find more information about Canary Mail’s pricing on our website: Canary Mail Pricing

If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our Support team.