AI Email Management: 5 AI Tools to Help Reduce Your Email-Related Stress

Five incredible AI-powered email management tools to help you reduce stress and focus on what you love

AI Email Management: 5 AI Tools to Help Reduce Your Email-Related Stress

Artificial Intelligence is the latest innovation that has taken the world by storm. Much of this boom has been led by OpenAI’s super powerful AI Chatbot, ChatGpt. ChatGpt has revolutionized the way people inherently see Ai technology.

Gone are the days when the terminator movies and robots taking over the world were the first things you thought of when you heard of Artificial Intelligence. Now, the first thing most people visualize is how an AI assistant catered to their needs can make their day-to-day lives easier. May ChatGpt be answering your questions, helping you organize your day, or just simply holding up an intelligent conversation to pass the time, people are quickly becoming acclimated to the impressiveness of AI technology.

However, due to its brand-new nature, many people need clarification about what AI can do for them. Yes, it is super accessible and groundbreaking, but how can I customize my experience with AI to better suit my personal needs? How can AI help lower my work and stress load? Are there any alternatives to ChatGpt that I don’t know about?

Well, if you are one of those people asking themselves these questions, then look no further; you’re at the right place. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 5 Innovative Artificial Intelligence tools that utilize AI email management for you. Almost everyone has to deal with emails regardless of their line of work, which almost everyone finds annoying and stressful. These innovative AI tools take it upon themselves to handle the bulk of the work and intelligently make your lives so much easier and hassle-free, so without further adieu, let us dive in.

1. is an innovative new Artificial intelligence email tool that helps you communicate better with prospective clients. It uses machine learning to write more personalized outreach sales emails for each potential client to make them feel more inclined to give you a chance, something that would otherwise be impossible to scale. Using Warmer can be as simple as giving the AI your prospective clients’ linked-in page and letting it do its magic.

When clients receive cold emails that are addressed directly to their needs and profile, they are more likely to follow up than when the email in question just seems mass-produced to address as many people as possible. This groundbreaking AI tool helps your business stand out from others and create meaningful relationships more efficiently by saving you a ton of effort.

2. Flowrite

Flowrite is an AI writer browser extension of the future that writes your emails for you. Gone are the days of wasting time penning down formalities and finding the right words for what you want to say, especially for those repetitive emails you have to send daily. Flowrite’s AI takes any brainstormed bullet points you can provide with a general idea of what you’d like to say and converts that into a full-fledged email with precise and effective communication. The brilliant AI writer adapts and learns over time from your emails to write more like you so that you never have to worry about if it seems like someone else wrote them, let alone AI.


Five AI Apps to Help Reduce Your Email-Related Stress is a simple but very effective Artificial Intelligence tool that saves you a great deal of time. We’ve all been there on linked in trying to find someone’s profile and email address. It’s just an unnecessary time waster and can take up to 5 minutes on average. If you work in a sales or outreach position, this process can be particularly bad due to the number of contacts you have to find. streamlines this process and turns minutes into seconds. It takes basic information such as first and last name as input alongside the name of the company and runs machine learning algorithms to generate the desired emails you need instantly. While it may not seem as much at first glance, this one tool could potentially save you hours daily!

4. Plicca

When you’re getting way too many emails daily to keep count, managing those that truly matter can be hard. You never want to miss an important email due to spam, but it can easily get buried. That’s where Plicca comes in!

Plicca is an Artificial intelligence-powered email prioritization tool that integrates with your current email client. It learns from you and brings those emails to the forefront that it knows you would prefer to see first. The intelligent AI can even differentiate which emails pertain more importantly to certain members in a shared inbox and individually highlight them.

5. Canary Mail

We’ve saved the best for last for you because Canary Mail is a one-stop shop for all your AI email management needs. It is a powerful Artificial Intelligence fuelled email client that is jam-packed with state-of-the-art features, making it the smartest email application on the planet. Its features include many of the aforementioned Ai tools’ features and more all in one package.

Backed by Sequoia and trusted by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, Canary Mail is a secure email tool and AI writer that can smartly write, prioritize and organize your emails for you. It also has a conversational ai assistant that quickly finds anything you are looking for from past emails by sifting through them when you ask a question. That’s not all; Canary Mail’s message-esque read receipts and 1-Click unsubscribe features are just some additional things that make it stand out from alternatives and make your life much easier. Check out: AI email writer.


As you can see, there’s a pretty wide variety of AI-powered Email management tools out there for you to choose from with something for everyone. These tools are super easy to use and specifically designed to help you manage your workload and stress. So waste no time before trying out those that stand out to you, and we’re sure you’ll be thanking us pretty soon. Never before has emailing been this easy!

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