Canary Mail

Why Canary Mail is the best Gmail app for Mac

Gmail is the most popular email provider around the world today, and yet before Canary, there wasn’t any universal email app that also supported Gmail’s best features.

Sure, there are Gmail for Mac apps like Mailplane, Kiwi, and Boxy, but they don’t support non-Gmail accounts – since most people have a secondary work or personal account with a different provider, this can be limiting.

Which is why we’ve designed Canary to seamlessly support the Gmail features that users have come to expect:

This brings a major performance advantage as well – some mail clients treat Gmail’s Inbox and All Mail as separate folders, even though all emails in Inbox are technically also in All Mail – this means that Apple Mail, for example, ends up downloading a large number of emails twice, since it doesn’t treat labels as labels – it treats them as folders. As you can imagine, this isn’t very efficient and ends up using a lot more disk space and bandwidth than is necessary.

In contrast, Canary only downloads each email once and applies the correct labels to it, just as Gmail does on the web, which is much more efficient. And you can avail Gmail’s smart Inbox segregation that helps reduce clutter and allows you to focus on important emails in your Primary tab.

And the best part? Canary’s own Focused Inbox works just as well for your non-Gmail accounts that may not have this feature, so that you get the same seamless experience as you do with Gmail for Mac. And that’s why we think it no longer makes sense to use Gmail on the web – that way you’re limited to a single account in your ad-filled Inbox.

Switch to Canary instead – we think it’s the best Gmail app for Mac. And we’d love to know if you agree: @CanaryMailApp